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Piggy Flu 1, Wongstar 0 « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Piggy Flu 1, Wongstar 0

So I got home from my “spring break” adventures on Monday morning and by Tuesday afternoon wasn’t feeling so great. I finally went to the doctor yesterday since I’m rarely sick for more than 3 days (and more unusual, sleeping it off didn’t seem to help at all). My immune system had been strong enough to fend off that rookie camp plague that almost everyone else got back in October, so this was probably serious! I’m not going to call this swine flu as it is unconfirmed–the test apparently takes over 3 weeks unless I go to the emergency room; no thanks, I’m not really dying. I could be a drama queen and think that I am but I’m not.

Speaking of queens, or Queens (New York), apparently there was/is a rather large outbreak of swine flu at the moment, 330 confirmed cases on my last Google search. Coincidentally or not, that was precisely where my friend Joanna’s wedding took place last weekend, which is probably why the doctor gave me a prescription for the exact same treatment as swine flu. Whatever kind of flu it is, it is no joke. Sure feels like a TKO!!


I finally woke up this morning with my temperature under 100 for the first time in 5 days…(woohoo!) and felt good enough to put Khan the Warrior Horse back together, watch some television, and do a little blogging. Yep you know I am seriously ill when I don’t have the energy or motivation to write a blog! As I was assembling Khan, I flipped on the TV and we ended up watching VH1′s “I Love the New Millenium” marathon together…from 2000 to 2007. I haven’t laughed this much in days and it felt great to be in good spirits again. :D They do say that laughter is the best medicine! I could actually relate to everything, since it was my college years and beyond, not like when they do “I Love the 80′s” and I am thinking “uh I don’t really remember that…I was just a little kid…”

So where did I leave off last? After roaming around Times Square with Carolina, the next day I took the subway underwater to meet Scottie on the other side of the Hudson in Jersey City. I got to check out his brother’s running shop, Runner’s High at the Newport location, before we did a swim and then hit the road to the infamous beach house.


Even before me and Scottie had become roommates in Subic, I had heard all kinds of great things about his beach house. Apparently it was remodeled less than a year ago and it is FANTASTIC headquarters for a pro triathlete! I am going to leave it up to Scottie to make one of those “hello this is Scottie, welcome to my crib” types of videos, because it is definitely worthy of one…


I have a lot more photos and videos of our next adventures (Mac’s farm and the wedding), but those are going to wait until next time. Actually a lot of the videos were taken during our road trips sitting in traffic. Here is a photo we took for the Bean cuz we knew she would be jealous:


No worries Coach, I did not have any donuts here, just coffee! ;)

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