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Camp Wongstar at Wildflower

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I love Wildflower. It was the first Olympic distance race I ever did when I was in college (yes, the same year I did my first half ironman and full ironman). I went to a really small nerdy engineering school (Harvey Mudd College in southern California) and I was basically the only triathlete on campus. I was known as the girl who did triathlons while all the computer programmers were pasty white from hiding in the basement in front of their computers. So I didn’t know very many triathletes who were my age. The first time I went to Wildflower, I was so excited (I know, I am always so excited going to triathlons) because there were thousands and thousands of triathletes. How insanely awesome!

Because the internet is magical, I even managed to Google my way into finding a couple race pictures from my first Olympic distance triathlon back in 2002:



yeah, it’s the Wongstar before she became the Wongstar. I think I went 2:47 because they probably started the college chicks 5mins behind the guys per usual.

Anyway, I had the option of staying in the elite cabin this weekend with the TBB teammates (15-20min drive outside the lake) but decided to camp with some friends who were all Wildflower virgins. I’ve done WF three times (twice in college and the one time I did long course was my slowest half EVER at 7:06) and it’s not WF if you’re not camping!! It’s part of the Wildflower experience.

On Thursday I drove up with future Asian triathlon superstar Amy…we packed the car like crazy, with lots of food from Mommy Wongstar, picked up Tereza from the airport, made it to the race site, then dropped off Tereza at the really nice house (no assembly required).


On the drive over, I realized Amy was not just a WF virgin, but a camping virgin. She said she hated camping. But she had never done it. How can you hate something you’ve never tried? So since she is an engineer, I made her put up the tent. The tent belongs to first mate “Soda” who would be MIA until Saturday night. We found a really great camping spot in the very first campground going into the park. If you’ve never been to WF, the number of campsites is absolutely MASSIVE, there are even overflow sites that are 5+ miles away from the top of the hill. I think technically the spot we chose wasn’t a real camping spot, but anything is fair game at Wildflower!


I wasn’t that mean, we put it up together and finally figured it out by nightfall.


The next day I put up the “Camp Wongstar” sign on Amy’s CR-V so that any friends looking for us would have a good landmark. We were soon joined by a couple of cute Air Force boys who arrived via a Hummer!


I had met Brad at Ironman China, a California boy who was in between stints at Korea and Turkey, and his friend OC drove down all the way from Boise, where he was currently stationed.


We kept our bikes in a “stable” by the Hummer. (You have to ride Cervelo if you want to be my friend.) It rained for a day and a half but our bikes stayed pretty dry…sorry Amy. Camping is a lot more fun when it’s not raining!


OC did the long course race on Saturday and was pooped enough that he fell asleep wearing Brad’s aero helmet. Because it was cold and he knows what aero helmets do best…they keep your head warm!


edit: (because people keep asking if the RR got cut off…) more pictures and 2009 AVIA Wildflower stories coming soon. be patient!!