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pro card, twitter, new jeans « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


pro card, twitter, new jeans

I am T-30 days from my next Ironman, the Korea Triathlon Jeju on July 12…AKA the race formerly known as Ironman Korea! I’m pretty psyched for my first trip to Korea and will get to check out our training location sponsor, Jeju Island. Just in time, I got a notice in my inbox that USA Triathlon has approved my pro/elite status…i.e. they have processed my $100. My annual amateur license just expired 2 weeks ago so it was meant to be! I might be a little more excited when the actual pro card comes in the snail mail, but in the meantime, here is my official “temporary” pro card:


What this really means is that when I go out with Scottie again to his favorite local hangout (Used-to-Be’s), and some guy tries to chat me up, and he asks “so what do you do?” and I proudly reply “well….I’m a professional triathlete…” and he rolls his eyes and says “yeah, you and me both…” well, this means that instead of punching him in the face, I can whip out my pro card and say “see, I really am a professional triathlete, you douchebag.” :D Just kidding, I didn’t really punch him in the face, but I thought about it a couple seconds too long before walking away.

I’m practically recovered from whatever gnarly flu I had…pig, cow, bird, dog, whatever…except for waking up with a little bit of “gunge” in the morning (as the Bean calls it). It is great to be back at it and having the smashed-up legs feeling every day again. Scottie has warned me that the “hill” in Leysin is no joke and to make sure I find the biggest hill here so I’m prepared! Good thing I live right outside San Francisco, we got some big hills here, maybe not as big as the Swiss Alps but I will try…

I also just joined Twitter for those of you that enjoy stalking er following me. http://www.twitter.com/theWongstar

and I finally got some new jeans. In size 2! How crazy is that!

the end…for now. I know, this is a very short post for me. ;) better a mini update than none at all!

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