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Herman the Pull Buoy

So I was feeding my pull buoy the other day, and my coworker Natalie said something to the extent of “aww, you love your pull buoy don’t you?  You should name it something.  Like Herman.”

I agreed…yes, I do love my pull buoy, and besides, something you put in between your legs almost every day should have a name.  And thus Herman the Pull Buoy was born.  I thought about naming him something else, maybe a good pool boy name like Rico or Miguel.  But then I kept thinking “P.B. Herman” and it has a familiar ring to it.  My siblings and I were big fans of Pee-wee’s Playhouse growing up.  :)

Anyway, Herman is a growing buoy.  He is now a very big buoy.  Because you see, the relationship with a pro triathlete girl and her pull buoy is sort of an inverse relationship, body composition-wise.  The leaner I get, the less I float in the water, so then I must fatten up Herman so that he compensates for my new skinniness.

So when the Wongstar traded Nutella and peanut butter for celery, surely she couldn’t waste the Nutella.  Herman is a very hungry buoy.  I have been feeding Herman all my Nutella and peanut butter, so now he is nice and fat.  Heck, I used to go through a jar of peanut butter every week, so Herman has been eating very well.  He kind of looks like a pull buoy on steroids, but we on teamTBB don’t believe in doping.  Herman is just a big fatty.  In his line of work, similar to sumo wrestlers and opera singers, it is better to be fat than to be muscular.

Herman is so fat that I have been having a little trouble getting him in between my legs when we are in the water.  He just floats so well!  Here is a picture of him with my other gear, Doc’s favorite paddles and the evil donut tube (who I think I will name Duncan.  Duncan Donut, hahahaha).  I found an anorexic pull buoy to pose next to Herman so you can see how much more massive he is.  Obviously this other pull buoy doesn’t understand the job description.

P.B. Herman and friends

P.B. Herman and friends

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