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French Fries in France « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


French Fries in France

This week’s international travels take me to my 4th new country in 2 weeks: France!

We are at the McDonald’s where there is free wifi, and Coach is a wreck as we follow Zach and Tereza’s Lake Placid race on ironmanlive.com.

Bek yelled at me that I have to eat more so I don’t bonk during le Tour de TBB (we biked from Switzerland to France, and are biking more tomorrow to get to Alpe d’Huez).

so I decided I had to try what this country is most known for…(to Americans anyway HAHAHAHA)….


they have two varieties here. The regular “Frites” and the “Deluxe Potatoes” which are like potato wedges. They come with “Creamy Deluxe” sauce which is like enhanced mayonnaise.

real French fries!

real French fries!

two kinds of French fries in the French McDonalds!

two kinds of French fries in the French McDonald's!

I think the “deluxe potatoes” French fries taste much better.  I was disappointed that the regular fries tasted just the same as the ones at home.  What’s up with that?

LC and Bek both said something to the extent of “duh Wongstar they taste the same everywhere…!”

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