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Adventures in Fixed Gear Riding « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Adventures in Fixed Gear Riding

Rumor has it that a bike monster in the making, code name Wongstar, has been going up and down the mountains of Switzerland on a fixed gear bike.  Well technically this is not true as on a true fixed gear bike, you can’t coast; if the wheels are spinning, the pedals are spinning.  Oh boy would that suck going down these hills.  It is true that Khan the Somewhat Revived Warrior Horse has been locked into a single speed configuration.  39-19 which I’m told is the same as 53-25.  This morning was Khan’s last ride, I went up the mountain (or more a hill by now) for the tenth time in the faux fixed gear.

And true that by the fifth time I went up, the big hill going home was less of a mountain.  For the past 2 weeks this is the only biking I’ve done.  What will it be today, Coach?  Will I go up the hill once, twice, or three times today?  Because this gear ratio is really only good for going up and down steep hills–it is when the road flattens out that I get stuck, spinning out of gears quickly.

This weekend is Embrunman, what I like to call a “bonus ironman” because the bike is 188km instead of 180km, with over 5000 meters of climbing.  They tell me this is where boys become men and girls become women.  Just in time I got my new old frameset back, and really I am grateful to finally have more than one gear option!  I won’t be picky.  Two would be nice…how about the 53-19 and 39-19?

After the type of biking I’ve done over the last 2 weeks I’m thinking that going up any mountain with a full set of gears on my bike is going to feel…well…simply AMAZING!

As for our dear friend Khan, if I ever go back to track racing on the velodrome, you may see him as a true fixie without any brakes.  Here are some old photos of me in my track cycling days back in 2006.  The “Superdrome” in Frisco, Texas was a true velodrome with the steep 44-degree banked corners.  Not like some of those wussy shallow velodromes.  My track cycling career was short-lived as this was just a minor distraction from Ironman racing:

Superfun at the Superdrome

getting chicked is hard for the male ego to handle

getting chicked is tough for the male ego. bwahaha

whatever you do, don't stop pedaling or you'll fall

look Ma no brakes!

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