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a blog for Momma Wongstar

circa 2006, Georgia Tech graduation

circa 2006, Georgia Tech graduation

Momma Wongstar gets rather concerned when she sees Facebook status messages mentioning that my spandex tri shorts are getting loose.  Or maybe she read what Coach wrote on the forum, she likes to lurk around there, sneaky mum of mine. 

Mums are great for worrying.  Chinese mums especially like to make sure their daughters are well-fed and not wasting away.  Food brings the family together and you can bet that before she asks what time I need to get picked up from the airport in 2 weeks, she will ask what she should bring in the car for me to eat!

Momma Wongstar in her domain: the kitchen

Momma Wongstar in her domain: the kitchen

Well, I don’t like to worry Momma Wongstar!  Some of my friends my own age don’t even have mums any more, and that makes me sad.  I can’t imagine life without my mom, nagging and worrying and all!

She has been very supportive of this pro triathlon thing (not a career path many Chinese daughters follow) and even watches my pup Guinness when I am away at training camp. 

she is literally dog-sitting.

she is literally dog-sitting.

She tells me that Guinness says it’s Mother’s Day every day in his country!  (this was after I accidentically wished my dad a Happy Australian Father’s Day…)

so I figured she needs photographic proof that I am indeed perfectly healthy and not wasting away.

Whether I am swimming…

I have a really great glide, I do!

I have a really great glide, I do!

On the bike…

yep were in Korea

yep we're in Korea

Or running…

such a magnificent heelstrike!  eh, Coach?  ;)

such a magnificent heelstrike! eh, Coach? ;)

Ariel took this picture of me at the track just 2 days ago, on Wednesday.

Well, my arms are getting more muscles from all the swimming I love so much, and see, my run shorts aren’t loose.  Does that right leg look like it belongs to someone who is not eating?  I think not!

Maybe the tri shorts are just getting old, ok?

But maybe the best proof is seen when we go out to eat together as a team…

Ariel took us out for lunch prior to the Delphic Games opening ceremonies…

mmmmmmmmm nice fatty American food!

mmmmmmmmm nice fatty American food!

Ironically it was an American restaurant in Korea!  You can see on the table that we had pizza, calzones, chili cheese fries, garlic bread, carbonara, and ok there were salads but one of them had fried fish in it.  And damn right, I tried everything!  I’m digging into my second piece of steak calzone right there.

We also had a big group barbeque when the film crew came by to make a mini-documentary.

we ate most of the food by now...

we ate most of the food by now...

We had Korean BBQ!  It was fantastic! 
You can even see in this second shot I am reaching for more food after everyone else is done eating.  Classic!

are you gonna finish that?

"are you gonna finish that?"

Yes, it is a fact that the Wongstar does find much pleasure in eating, something that will never change.  But as I told Momma Wongstar, losing some fat is part of my job as a professional triathlete.  So it’s simply a matter of choosing healthier options now that I am on the road to becoming a true champion…

Indeed I have traded the chocolate croissants for bananas and sweet potatoes (mmm taters) on the bike rides.  Switched out the chocolate muesli cereal for Hungarian oats with cinnamon and soy milk (mmm).  Exchanged the sour gummi worms and chocolate wafers for frozen purple grapes (better than sorbet!).  And the big loaves of Swiss bread have been replaced by the occasional rice triangle, wrapped in seaweed, as seen in Tereza’s blog.  MMMM.  The Korean sushi at E-mart is also divine, I ate a whole big pack of it myself for lunch yesterday!

So not to worry, Mom, I am happily eating here in Korea, there is no shortage of good food here in the Wongstar’s dorm room.  There’s still two more squids in the fridge too.  Love you Mom!  See you at home soon enough!  :D

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