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post-marathon videos of the Jeju Superstar! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


post-marathon videos of the Jeju Superstar!

Here are a couple videos that Hiro took of me right after I set a new marathon PR and won the women’s race at the Beautiful Jeju International Marathon.  Thank you Hiro!!

YouTube Preview Image

Note to Mom: please do not be alarmed at how skinny I look, I just ran a marathon while ingesting at most 500 calories of Gatorade.  Within ten minutes of this video clip I was eating fried chicken, fried sweet potatoes, chocolate cookies, and a big packet of mini red bean muffins.

Actually to be honest, I am slightly alarmed at how skinny I look.  Maybe Coach will make me eat some waffles now that I am approaching post-pubescent high school weight.

Before I had a chance to eat anything though, I graciously fulfilled my duties to my local fan club and signed some autographs!

YouTube Preview Image

After all, now I am not only Jeju ironman champion but Jeju marathon champion!  …make that the Beautiful Jeju International Marathon champion ;)

and just to clarify, you can’t blame me for that being the name of the race.  no, it’s not all going to my head!

Jeju Superstar :)

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