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top 10 under 10 at Ironman #10 « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


top 10 under 10 at Ironman #10

running my way up to top 10!

shuffling my way up to top 10!

It’s the day after Ironman Florida and I am just checking in!  I’ll write up a proper race report on the flight back home tomorrow if I am not passed out in my seat.

It was my 10th ironman-distance race, can you believe it??  And the 5th one for this year!  I am now in the double digits and starting to lose count.  :)  I wanted to get top 10 and break 10 hours again to show that my 9:55 at GreatMan wasn’t a fluke.

It was also my first pro race here at home in the USA and the biggest pro race I have ever done (21 pro women on the start list).  My swim was atrocious at 1:18 and it put me in a VERY VERY DARK PLACE mentally.  I felt like I should give back my pro card and wanted to quit the pro triathlon life, go back to being “normal” and starting looking for a full-time job where I don’t have to be poor all the time.  I thought “isn’t it enough to win two ironman-distance races in Korea and break 10 hours?  You’ve already done everything you ever dreamed of in triathlon.  You can retire now.”

But as I am learning the more I do these ironman things, you are always going to have those mental lows.  Some races you sink deeper into the dark place than others.  Not surprisingly, my dark place usually finds me during or right after the swim.  Other people go into that dark place during the bike or the marathon.  So much of ironman racing is mental and I am finding that your overall performance is not a matter of whether you go into the dark place or not (that’s a given and should be expected) but getting yourself out of that place, and not letting it suck you in and ruin your whole race.

Somehow I managed to HTFU mentally and fight my way through all those stupid age group packs on the bike, run hard after trashing my legs on the bike and salvage my race.  I didn’t know what place I got until after I finished the race!  I was overjoyed to go 9:54 and very surprised that I had fought my way up to 10th place.

I told myself over and over “Never stop fighting.”  My very painful marathon was a new PR at 3:27 (first time under 3:30) and my bike split was a very fast 5:00 but more about that later in my RR…

Thanks everybody who has been following me.  I got a lot of “Go Wongstar!” cheers from people I haven’t met who were either watching the race or racing with me.  It was really helpful because I was definitely hurting the whole way through that marathon!  Don’t let that smile fool you.

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