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IMFL 2003 vs. 2009 « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


IMFL 2003 vs. 2009

A lot can change in six years.

1:23:52 vs. 1:18:44

1:23:52 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1:18:44

ok the swim hasn’t changed much.  But I sure am a lot angrier about being a bad swimmer.

6:12:05      5:00:24

6:12:05 >>>>>>>>> 5:00:24

still racing on training wheels, but now I have those cool socks, big girl aero bars, and actually stay in the aero positon!  Pretty cool to take 72mins off my bike split!

6:03:00      3:27:01

6:03:00 >>>>>>>>>>>>> 3:27:01

I almost halved my marathon time too!  I think I walked half of it last time.  This time I ran every step of the way, and I didn’t even stop at the aid stations.  Thank you Camelbak!

I didnt really go 9:44 (but I will soon); I had a 10-min head start.

I actually went 9:54:27 with my 10-min head start.

I still have a super cheesy smile when I finish.

but I took nearly 4 hours off my IMFL time!  how cool is that!

no one is happier than I am!

no one is happier than I am!

There’s a race report coming, don’t you worry.

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