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post-race IM Cozy…never give up! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


post-race IM Cozy…never give up!

currently hanging out in fetal position with the signs that 1st Mate made for me!

currently hanging out in fetal position with the signs that 1st Mate made for me!

hola mis amigos.  I’m hurting.  That race was tough.  Really big wind on the bike and I think I pushed too big of a gear into the wind as my low back seized up at mile 10 of the run.

It was one of those ironmans were you die and then somehow come back to life.  I walked for 3 miles, stopping to bend over and stretch out my back (it looked like I was trying to fart) then got to special needs and started sipping my Starbucks mocha frappuccino.  Really thought I would have to walk it in…damn that’s a long way to walk.  I forced myself to shuffle and I think the caffeine kicked in.  Got a second wind and somehow picked it up again.  Didn’t want to give up my top 10 placing…surprised no one caught me when I was walking and that I still ran up to 7th pro.  Not sure that’s correct, but I’ll take it.

all things considered, I’m happy with the race and proud that I ended up salvaging it.  3 ironmans in 5 weeks is pretty tough and I am relieved to take a break from racing and traveling.  A year ago I would’ve been over the moon to go 10:37 in an Ironman with a sub-5:30 bike and sub-4:00 marathon.  Funny how much has changed in just one year!!

We’re here in Cozumel until Thursday morning so looking forward to chilling out and having some fun.  First Mate took a bunch of video so I’ll post those up this week.  I really hope they don’t enforce the 10% of 2nd place rule because 7th place is supposed to get $875…  and I didn’t go fast enough.  Or Bella went too fast.  ;)

Thanks everybody for all your support.  I really had to dig deep today.

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