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Hannah Montana for Halloween

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

I need to write my last race report before I do my next ironman in a few days (hahaha) but have been sleeping on airplanes instead of blogging.  Instead you get a little Halloween blog.

I got home on Wednesday and had promised the niece and nephew I would go trick-or-treating with them so I could not leave until Halloween night.  They even made me dress up… my friend Amy strongly suggested something G-rated as it would be a children’s Halloween party and not one of those skanked-out grown-up Halloween parties…

…so I borrowed my niece’s blonde wig, my cousin’s skinny jeans, my mom’s awesome sequinned top, my sister’s little bolero jacket, and my brother’s Guitar Hero guitar.  The rock star belt is my own!

embracing my inner rock star and blonde airhead

embracing my inner rock star and blonde airhead

Yep I was Hannah Montana for Halloween!  How much more G-rated can you get?  Ok I admit I don’t know any of her songs and couldn’t stand watching her TV show, but we do have a lot in common, like being uber famous with millions of fans.  Rock star, Asian triathlon superstar, it’s not too different!

Oh Scottie wants to mention that he is in love with Miley Cyrus and wants to marry her.  She is starting to get less G-rated though and a bit on the young side, Scottie.  Ok, he changed his mind to Carrie Underwood…



Guinness was a mailman.  He HATED it.  It was great!

Then I took off the wig and sequins, went home, finished packing, and went straight to the airport on Halloween night to take the red-eye to Florida.  I gave the counter lady a big bag of Halloween candy and with a totally straight face told her that my bike box is an “art exhibit for a design show.”  I got charged a grand total of $0.  Don’t hate me because I’m so awesome.

Now I’m in Panama City Beach at the DeFilippis condo with Scottie, my brother from another mother.  it’s RACE WEEK again!  and I will be lucky #13!

I just got an email from my co-worker with the following photo and the caption “DON’T LEAVE ALCOHOL NEAR YOUR PUMPKINS.”  It cracked me up so much I had to post it on my Halloween blog:

too much to drink last night?

too much to drink last night?

I hope that’s not me next Sunday, but I do plan to smash the crap out of the race and celebrate afterwards!