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Wongstar, the teenage triathlete « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Wongstar, the teenage triathlete

I am procrastinating on my last race report of 2009.  Yes it’s been 2 weeks and you know I am procrastinating pretty bad when I start cleaning my room instead.  I began to uncover endlessly fascinating things I had saved in my days as a teenage triathlete for some scrapbook I would make some day.  So fascinating that I was inspired to throw them in a little blog first instead of my race report.

my first triathlon: June 4, 2000

my first triathlon: June 4, 2000

When I was 18, I registered for my first triathlon for only $41.00 and a $2.05 processing fee on Active.com.  Using Mom’s credit card because back in those glorious days I did not have any credit cards nor the accompanying ghastly amount of credit card debt.  The race was the Los Angeles Triathlon Series #3, Tri-Express distance: a 250 yard swim (which took me almost 10 minutes), 7-mile bike ride (which I got a flat tire on), and 2-mile run.  Held at Frank G. Bonelli Park in San Dimas, CA.

back before everyone and their brother had a digital camera

back before everyone and their brother had a digital camera

Yes kids, once upon a time digital cameras were not so prevalent and race photographers actually used real film, had to get it developed, and then sent you proofs of your race photos with “PROOF” stamped all over it.  This was from the Pacific Coast Triathlon in Newport Beach, also summer of 2000.

9 years and $200 ago...

9 years and $200 ago...

After doing 2 sprint triathlons, I was ready to go big.  I always knew I wanted to do Ironmans.  I saved up enough money all summer working at the footwear department of SportMart, and registered for Ironman California…yes before there was such a thing as a “70.3″ (we called them “half ironmans”) and the California 70.3 in Oceanside was still a full ironman event.  $350 seemed like a lot of money to do a race.  But I just looked up how much it costs to do an Ironman next year…it’s $550!  I wonder how many extra hours I would have to work at SportMart making minimum wage???

Here comes the best part of my triathlon archives…fast forward another 4 years…drum roll please…

kinda gives you goose bumps doesnt it?

kinda gives you goose bumps doesn't it?

SEE!!!  I always knew I wanted to be a TRIATHLON SUPERSTAR!!!

It’s all part of the master plan…mwahaha!

Living the dream!  :D

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