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bike box 2.0 sneak peek « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


bike box 2.0 sneak peek

Best date so far:  the one with my inner MacGyver.  Duct tape fixes everything!

Hello Kitty edition

Hello Kitty edition

Off season project:  completely custom bike box for my 54cm Cervelo P2C.

Materials used:  5mm foam board, hot pink and silver duct tape, some white glue, and Hello Kitty wall stickers.  Straps re-used from last year’s.

theres no bike in here.

there's no bike in here.

Not quite finished yet but I have a few days :)

Oh and notice the ingenious pattern of the duct tape and unique octagonal structure.  It’s an optical illusion to make the box look smaller than it actually is.  Did it work??

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