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Superstar Shochu Sponsor: Haamonii Smooth! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Superstar Shochu Sponsor: Haamonii Smooth!

How to become an international triathlon superstar, step #4: land your very own “post-race hydration” sponsor.

I’m proud to announce that I’ve joined forces with Haamonii Smooth Shochu this year and will help market their beverage around the world, wherever I am training and racing! Shochu is an ancient Japanese distilled spirit like vodka but with much fewer calories. (The Koreans call it soju.) Haamonii is a mere 35 calories per 2-ounce shot (versus 120 calories for vodka), all natural, and extremely smooth.

We realized this had huge marketing potential for athletes, and well, actually anybody who is weight conscious… perhaps 99% of the population, no? Because Haamonii is so smooth, it’s not supposed to cause hangovers or headaches, so you are able to enjoy some Haamonii at night and still get your training in the next morning! Another health benefit is that shochu has been shown to activate enzymes that help dissolve blood clots–similar to red wine.

cheers to Haamonii mojitos!

cheers to Haamonii mojitos!

Haamonii means “harmony” in Japanese, and the company mottos are to “share harmony” and “pour for others and not self.” I really like this message and find it very in line with my own beliefs–after all, the Wongstar stands for world peace, love, and harmony! I got a chance to taste a Haamonii cocktail myself before approaching founder James Key Lim about sponsorship. It was really tasty and super smooth–I couldn’t actually taste the alcohol in it like with vodka cocktails. Potentially dangerous in a very good way! Haamonii has actually won 7 medals in various taste competitions, including an international gold medal from the Beverage Testing Institute.

The press release is on the Haamonii website: Haamonii Shochu Sponsors First and Only Asian-American Female Professional Ironman Triathlete.

I’ll be taking some Haamonii on the road with me, beginning with this weekend’s race in Langkawi, Malaysia!  This season, I will always have some bottles of shochu on hand to “share harmony” with my friends and fellow competitors at post-race after parties.

bib #31 looking forward to post-race libations!

bib #31 looking forward to post-race libations!

Before I left home for training camp in Thailand, I was able to share Haamonii with friends (and test the no-hangover claim) at a good-bye party. Being a clever minx who likes terribly bad puns, it was called the “Tie Good-Bye”…obviously because I was being sent off to “Tie-Land”. We all had to wear ties. ahahahahahaha.  And no, I really did not have a hangover :D

corset by clothing sponsor D&G (via the sister), tie by Target lil boys section

corset by clothing sponsor D&G (via the sister), tie by Target lil boys' section

Haamonii Shochu–coming soon to a post-race party near you!

To try it yourself, check out the Haamonii website and click on “where to buy” to see where you can get your own in the meantime.  Enjoy and remember to pour for others!

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