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Flight #1 of 2010, zero dollars in bike fees.

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

How to become an international triathlon superstar, step #2: learn to sleep in an upright seated position for over 11 hours.

Hmm…although if you were a super-duper international superstar, I guess your travel sponsor could afford to have you in first class and you could sleep in the prone position.  But I digress.  And I am entirely grateful to have my friend Mark as my travel sponsor again this year and taking care of the first international flight of the year! :D

Hello Kitty is my sidekick

Hello Kitty is my sidekick

I checked in around 10pm Saturday night quite easily with the new Hello Kitty bike box, which comes equipped with removable wheels.  A few of my fellow female passengers were very intrigued and delighted with my baggage as I rolled up in line.  I took off the wheels and stowed them in my carry-on, and realized that the two young women checking me in were just as intrigued and delighted with the Hello Kitty bike box, if not more.  Score: 1 for the Wongstar and her new sidekick Hello Kitty!  They were exclaiming how cute and pretty it was so much, and asking if I made it and decorated it myself, that they didn’t realize I ignored the question of what was in the box.  Nothing was mentioned that it was oversize (I think the octagonal shape really is quite deceptive) and they didn’t seem to mind that it was at least 5lbs overweight.  Wow, flying on an Asian airline where Hello Kitty is loved by all is certainly helpful in the war against excess baggage fees.

We left around midnight.  I put on the eyeshades, promptly passed out and woke up briefly for “dinner.”  The flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong was about 14.5 hours.  The next time I woke up was 11.5 hours into the flight.  HOLY CRAP.  I didn’t even have time to take some shochu shots from my latest sponsor (more on that later) before I left home, and slept that much! Yes, it’s hard, but sometimes I impress even myself.  I only had time to watch one movie, The Time Traveler’s Wife–absolutely loved the book and the movie doesn’t do it justice… nowhere near as intricate and awesome.

Then we arrived.  Back in Asia.  First layover was in Hong Kong: place of my dad’s childhood, home of authentic dim sum and Hello Kitty everything.

It was only 7am, so I had some dim sum for breakfast.

It was only 7am, so I had some dim sum for breakfast.

“Ha gow” or shrimp dumplings:  looked and tasted remarkably the same as the ones from San Francisco’s Chinatown.  Funny that.

I purused the bookstore and contemplated adding more books to my collection of Mandarin titles…

Maybe Making Out in Chinese will help me land that elusive tall and good-looking Chinese boy to bring home.

Maybe "Making Out in Chinese" will help me land that elusive tall and good-looking Chinese boy to bring home.

All over the world we are gearing up for Chinese New Year, which begins on Valentine’s Day this year.  Here in Hong Kong you can get Hello Kitty CNY decorations:

just add stripes and youve got the Year of the Tiger

just add stripes and you've got the Year of the Tiger

You can get Hello Kitty anything and everything.  Even buttery biscuits in the duty-free store.

taste like the ones without a Hello Kitty?

taste like the ones without a Hello Kitty?

Well, maybe not everything, I think my Hello Kitty bike box just might be the only one in the whole world.  The only one just like it anyway.