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“you have all day to finish” « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


“you have all day to finish”

How to become an international triathlon superstar, step #8: Never quit.

dress by Billabong courtesy Beck Preston (for the weekend)

dress by Billabong courtesy Beck Preston (for the weekend)

Thanks everybody for the concern about my race. The stomach bug I woke up with at 3am race morning seems to have cleared my system and I am feeling much better digestively today. Really annoying to feel so sparkly today when it’s the day after the race, but what can you do.

I didn’t come all the way to China for my first DNF so despite the vomit episode midway through the swim, I gutted it out…or at least trudged it out…really slowly…and got myself to the finish line before midnight. I still don’t know what time the bike cut-off time is and never thought I would need to worry about it, but I actually thought I might have been in danger of missing it yesterday.

My slowest time before this race was a 13:50 and I now have a new PW (personal worst) at 14:37. I have even more respect now for the back-of-the-pack finishers. Running in the daylight with everyone cheering for you is one thing, but slogging away in the desolate darkness and the kilometer marks ticking by ever-so-slowly is just painfully forever. :(

I badly wanted to quit so many times, but each time that little voice told me “Don’t quit. Don’t give up. You have all day to finish.” By default I still ended up 6th place in the women’s pro category thanks to the attrition rate (which I’m told was 27%–over 1 out of 4 competitors didn’t make it).

Was super stoked to see Amy with the lead bike heading to the finish line when I just got onto the marathon course and Maki holding onto 4th position. Mat, Hiro, and Brandon all finished top 10 as well!

Not my best day at all, and some may say I am stupid and stubborn, but I am still very proud of this finish, because dammit, I finished. It took an exceptionally long time and maybe less time if I didn’t stop and help a couple distressed competitors along the way, but I’ll save those stories for the race report.

Never quit. 8)

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