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coming soon…the Vegas blog! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


coming soon…the Vegas blog!

what happens in Vegas...may get blogged about.

what happens in Vegas...may get blogged about.

No kids, I have not forgotten. I realize it’s been a while but I’m just starting to shake off that 3-week-long hangover, and you’d be surprised at how time-consuming it is to get a marriage annulled. Just kidding…maybe. ;)

And I couldn’t figure out where the incriminating pictures from that weekend went. Until I remembered they were viewed once and then deleted. There are some “safe to post” photos on my cell phone camera so I will get those up on the next blog along with some shenanigans me and Scottie got into in Sin City!

Also in a blog coming soon–my exciting new summer plans which do not include Switzerland. In the meantime I have to prep for my first track marathon at home tomorrow morning. Just another day in the life of a triathlon superstar!

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