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Why TBB Wilmington is my fave bike shop. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Why TBB Wilmington is my fave bike shop.

Welcome to Delaware

Welcome to Delaware

So I landed in Delaware, nicknamed “The First State” as it was the very first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. When did they sign it? Just look on the state flag:

They are so proud of being the first state that many businesses here incorporated it into their names: First State Lanes (bowling), First State Ballet Theatre, First State Health & Wellness, First State Towing, First State Gymnastics, First State Automotive…you get the idea.

Obviously it was only suitable to open the first American TBB store in the first state. You know what else? There’s NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE. You totally want to buy your very own White Tiger (the 2010 Cervelo P3) here. Heck, upgrade to the P4 with the money you save! ;)

Randy, the shop manager, picked me up from the Amtrak station and took me to the latest and greatest Bike Boutique shop. After having visited the TBB stores in Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia, I realized immediately why this one was my new favorite.

holy crap, I am larger than life!

holy crap, I am larger than life!

Randy then twisted my arm and forced me to autograph the wall.  And you thought all that autographing practice was in vain, didn’t ya?

ooh yeah, whos laughing now?

ooh yeah, who's laughing now?

How to Become An International Triathlon Superstar, Step #14: Autograph your larger-than-life-size likeness on the wall of a bike shop.

practice makes perfect!

signing my boobs. OK not quite, just below them.

And thus I became the first TBB athlete to sign the wall in the first TBB USA bike shop in the first state.

yes, it says I HEART DELAWARE

yes, it says "I HEART DELAWARE"

My brother from another mother, Scottie, also graces the wall in his blueseventy Helix wetsuit:

its Scottie!  AKA Robin

it's Scottie! AKA "Robin"

Rumor has it that Batman and Robin will be heading here later this month…in the meantime, I am enjoying being the only TBB celebrity pro triathlete in Wilmington, DE. :D

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