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Project Blog Vomit

So I have been challenged to blog a bit more, and as I do nothing half-arsed I took the challenge to the max and as you may have noticed, I started blogging every single day. I’m calling it “Project Blog Vomit.”

While our teamTBB marketing manager has been pleased, she sent me a friendly warning this morning:

“Pace yourself, think of it as an Ironman!!!…there are going to be some days/weeks when you don’t have much to blog about or are too smashed to write.”

Right. Days like today, another 7.5-hour training day in the books…which is actually every other day…but who’s counting. This is when I pull out…wait for it…wait for it… The One-Picture Contingency Plan!!! Silly Emma, there’s always something to blog about in my world. The blogs pour out of my head. Like vomit. ;)

Here you go:

spotted in Philly, where it's always sunny.

spotted in Philly, where it's always sunny.

Walking around Philly, I saw something I had never seen before in my whole entire life. It’s a SOLAR-POWERED TRASH COMPACTOR GARBAGE CAN. Whoaaaa! I heard somewhere else that “it’s always sunny in Philadelphia” and I’m not sure how true that is, but it was sunny when I was there.

How totally ingenious is this?! You are using solar energy and keeping the streets clean. They are on almost every street corner. It’s miraculous!! AMAAAAAAZING!

Clearly I am easily impressed and entertained. :)

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