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The Bike Haus « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


The Bike Haus

this is The Bike Haus

welcome to The Bike Haus

Upon my arrival in Delaware, it was discovered that a network of miscommunication resulted in your favorite triathlon superstar lacking a proper bed to sleep in for the next 3.5 weeks. But I have since been showered with generosity and hospitality from the local cycling community, and on extremely short notice…say an hour or two, Randy had procured me a homestay with Super J and Super K, and their dog Sandwich.

my new Delaware family!

Who really wants to house and feed a completely stranger they’ve never met? They committed to hosting me for just one week, which I figured would give me either ample time to charm them enough to want to keep me (as you may recall, I am very good at bartering for rent) or at least find another place to stay for the other two weeks. I made sure to help with dishes (who knew that unloading a dishwasher could win me so many brownie points), cooked dinner several times, and did grocery store runs when necessary.

A dog named Sandwich.

Well, two weeks have come and gone and needless to say, I am a delightful and irresistible houseguest if I shall say so myself! :) I have nicknamed my home for the month of August “The Bike Haus.” Here, I will give you the tour and you can see for yourself.

Please leave your shoes by the door.

The laundry room AKA bike shoes & helmet room.

Camelbaks by the door! My kind of people!

Leaving the kitchen to go into the living room...

Prepare yourself to be blasted by bikes.

the road bikes

a future cyclocross bike hiding in the corner

Two of the mountain bikes.

And what is a Bike Haus without bike decor?

bike shelf, I mean book shelf adornments

fun books and fun bikes

Look up! More bikes!

White Tiger managed to find a little corner of his own.

bike clothes drying by bike art

Moving along upstairs, you pass by more bikes.

K & J race a lot. Road, mountain, cyclocross, tris & TT's...

a tri bike!

The bedrooms are on the second floor…no real bikes allowed, but bike art is ok! Here’s what’s on the wall in my guest bedroom:

yep they are sharing cigarettes while biking.

This little guy will start pedaling his bike and is powered by a mini solar panel.  You know how excited I get about solar energy;)

a solar-powered cyclist in the reading room

If you then keep going up the stairs to the third floor, you pass by some more bike art…

biker chicks back in the day

And could it be???  More bikes???

bicycles! bicycles!

Even a tricycle…

but only one, otherwise it'd be "The Trike Haus"

And even NAKED BIKE ART!  My blog is so scandalous!!!

This blog is rated R.

So just when I thought I had seen all the bikes in the house, the bike house became The Bike Haus when I ventured outside to the garage…

Lo and behold, more bikes.

And these pictures were taken when Super K was at work.  She bike commutes (like you all should too!), so one of the commuter bikes is MIA in this blog.

another mountain bike

Another bike by a full bike repair area

an older road bike

Man, even Sandwich is exhausted from counting all the bikes in The Bike Haus.

so many bikes I lost count!

In conclusion, there are many bikes in The Bike Haus. (Scottie has called me “Captain Obvious” on multiple occasions. Oh yes.) Big thanks to the Bike Haus family for taking me in on such short notice and being my very generous food & housing sponsor here in Delaware! :)

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