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gotta hava Wawa « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


gotta hava Wawa

things to do in Delaware #2: go to Wawa.

what the heck is a Wawa?

So I’m a California girl currently here on the East Coast. Things are different here. The supermarkets are called Acme and Giant instead of Albertsons and Safeway. We have In-N-Out. They have Dunkin Donuts. Ok ok, I know, now I’m comparing apples and oranges, but you catch my drift. Actually, I’ve been traversing the USA so much it’s all kind of blurring together.

Wawa ah-ah-ah roma-roma-ma ga-ga ooh-la-la

So I keep seeing this place called “Wawa” and everybody is raving about how great Wawa is, and how I have to check it out. Apparently it’s like 7-11, but waaaaaay better. I dunno, I keep seeing “Wawa” and in my head I start singing the opening lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” (WARNING: don’t click that hyperlink if you are prone to seizures…oops, sorry too late).

So I ventured inside. The first thing you notice is the full-service deli counter.

not just your ordinary deli counter

You can order specialty drinks and customized sandwiches…and you know they won’t mess up your order because it’s a TOUCH SCREEN ORDERING PANEL!!!

so progressive, this Wawa place is.

Ok so then there are the regular fountain drinks and ICEE’s (which if you recall from a previous blog, is the grandfather of 7-11 Slurpees…that’s right, I do my Wikipedia research properly).

nothing special and exciting here.

BUT BUT BUT hey…I’ve never seen this at a 7-11:


It’s a make-your-own magical milkshake machine! Apparently you pick your own flavor in one of these cups:

so exciting, isn't it?

And then you put it in the machine and pick what consistency you want. AMAZING!

My Wawa tour guide then asked me if I had ever had a Tastykake. No, I have not, and still have not. They are headquartered in Philly so it’s local-ish. I thought a Tastykake was just one of these mini-pies on the top shelf here:

tasty...yeah...I'll take your word for it.

But no, apparently this whole shelf of extremely processed baked goods encompasses a billion varieties of Tastykakes! I am sure they are tasty, but I’m totally frightened now. :(

holy moly Tastykakes everywhere

Then CHECK IT OUT…does 7-11 have their own brand of ICE CREAM?!?!

whoa heyyy!

And bonus points for also having the pint sizes…so I won’t eat the whole half gallon… ;)

I think I'm sold on this Wawa place.

Ok, and not only their own ice cream…but their very own knock-off of the bottled Starbucks Frappuccino I am fond of racing with in my Camelbaks…  I present to you…*drumroll*…the Wawaccino!

I was so amazed that my head practically exploded.

They even package up all these healthy options for you too…if you don’t want ice cream and milkshakes and sugary drinks or super sugary (but tasty!) overly processed baked goods.

Protein Power Pack!

Yeah, there was also a bunch of fresh fruits but that wasn’t very exciting to photograph.

So what did we learn today?  Wawa has everything you could ever want…AND MORE. I could live here. I wonder if they sponsor triathlon superstars?  Oh yes, the title of the blog  post is their motto…”Gotta hava Wawa!”  Indeed!!

We also learned that I wasn’t lying when I said I am very easily impressed and entertained. :)

Which reminds me, I absolutely need to bring my camera to the Giant grocery store next time…OMG now that’s a good time…

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