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gettin’ lucky in Kentucky « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


gettin’ lucky in Kentucky

I am one efficient triathlon superstar. I waste no time at all ticking off things on my list here in Kentucky. I totally got lucky last night! ;)

I flew in late and my homestay mom, Kellie was there to greet me at the airport. I get to stay with the Jones family here at mile 12 of the bike course and realized last night that indeed I have hit the jackpot! Their version of the “basement” that is mine for the week is GINORMOUS, with a huge living room, game room, bedroom (with big grown-up KING bed!), mini kitchen, bike room (as in two turbo/Computrainers and flat screen TV), AND exercise room (as in gym equipment and treadmill and elliptical trainer). The fridge was fully stocked with the grocery list Kellie kept requesting from me, and since she did the Ironman here last year, I have my own personal tour guide and training partner! They have hosted former IM Louisville champion Mariska Kramer for the last three years, but she isn’t racing this time. So the Jones are a top-class experienced and very expert homestay family! I am soooo lucky! :D

spotted here, 6 years ago.

This neighborhood is actually famous for being where Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson of Newlyweds fame (I know, so 2004) stayed during the Kentucky Derby episode. (I’m putting in the link to tempt you, but you don’t really want to read the episode recap, it might make you cry. Not tears of joy.) Actually, they stayed in the house right across the street from me! So what did I say about the Kentucky Derby and big funny hats…?

still to do...get a big funny hat

Well I have not made any leeway on getting myself one of these awesome hats (gosh and Jessica’s would so totally match the teamTBB hot pink!) but I sure saw a lot of horses today. Kellie took me to do some recon on the bike course and there are horses horses horses everywhere. Reminded me of the Boss and all his horse training stories.

On the KFC front, I have learned that there might be something even more gruesome/awesome than the Double Down sammich. Rumor has it that certain KFC locations are testing out something bloggers are dubbing the “Skinwich”: “5 layers of fried chicken skin, lumped on a bun and topped with white American cheese and bacon.”

mmm the skin is the best part!

Now surely they should have it here in Kentucky. It would be wrong to test out a new KFC product in any other state. ;)

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