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be careful what you wish for! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


be careful what you wish for!

We most definitely got the super hot day I had wanted. I killed myself on the swim, slaughtered myself on the bike, and reeled in 5 women on the run to get into the top 5 for a while…only I didn’t know this because the 5th place bike escort was with a fast age group woman. :(

Then I too succumbed to the heat and slipped down a spot with 4 miles to go. It was seriously like being on Survivor. My solid 8:20′s were slipping into 9′s then 10′s then 11′s and I was fantasizing about cold showers and walking…so I made a giant pit stop at an aid station, threw at least 10 cups of water over myself and threw down 5 or 6 Cokes. Somehow I came back to life and gutted out the rest of race to try and make back some time…absolutely left everything out there on the course. I was the crazy girl making obscene grunting noises because I was going so hard and refused to just give up and jog it in.  Quite honestly I could not have gone any faster. Effort-wise definitely one of my best (if not the best) and 6th pro is my best finish on home soil so super happy with my race. :) More details to come in the full-length race report…

Big thanks for all your support!

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