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putting the “Kentucky” in KFC « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


putting the “Kentucky” in KFC

Many locals here in Kentucky have asked why I came here to do the race when there are other races all over the country, and even the rest of the world. Of course most of them don’t know it’s because I’ve been told to do EVERY Ironman in this country this year, but even so, here is the secret truth revealed…I came to Kentucky because this is where Kentucky Fried Chicken comes from. Didn’t we all?

the KFC at the 4th Street Live finish line area

Today in Louis-ville, the infamous Louis took me on a very special KFC trip. Neither of us had ever been to a KFC that was actually in the state of Kentucky.

what do you MEAN there's no Double Down here?!

We went to the KFC at the 4th Street Live finish area. Sadly, it was only a “KFC Express” which meant they didn’t have everything a full-service KFC has to offer. Namely there was no Double Down, and most definitely not the Skinwich.  We had to settle for a box of chicken wings.

the Colonel: the only person more famous than me here in Louisville.

On the bright side, Colonel Sanders came back from the dead when he heard a triathlon superstar of my caliber was coming into town, and we got some great photo ops with the genius behind the 11-ingredient “finger lickin’ good” secret recipe.

nom nom nom fried chicken!

gotta have KFC in Kentucky!

So…was it the best thing I ever ate? Does KFC in Kentucky taste better here than in other states???

while some are into that vegetarian stuff, the Wongstar is most definitely a carnivore.

Well I have two answers depending on who you are. If you are the Boss reading this, I didn’t actually eat the KFC; I just posed with the food for the photos. Awesome pictures, right! ;) If you are anybody else, holy crap that was awesome!  Like a party in my mouth and everyone’s invited! :D

And well…it does taste the same as in California and other states. (From what I recall, and I don’t actually remember the last time I had KFC.) Which isn’t a bad thing. At least now you know, and knowing’s half the battle. ;)

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