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Jew Day at the Ballpark

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Things to do in Delaware #3: Watch a Blue Rocks game.

The Blue Rocks are a minor league baseball team here in Wilmington. As we all know, Delaware is a small state, so we don’t have our own major league team. (The Phillies are only half an hour away.) But apparently the Blue Rocks are the farm team for the Kansas City Royals. Now, my knowledge of eastern USA geography I admit is sketchy (though getting better by the day), but even I know that Kansas City is closer to the middle of the country, so I too am confused. Anyway, the cool thing about minor league games is that for a $6 ticket you can sit pretty much anywhere you want, like right behind the home plate.

Travel sponsor Mark has appointed himself as the Jiminy Cricket of my dating life, to act as my conscience while I try to strike the balance between kicking arse at triathlon while pursuing true love. I believe his exact words were “No monkeying around, focus on staying hydrated and thinking about next week’s race; also taper doesn’t mean it’s ok to be on your feet walking for 8-hours…”

So the next date should involve some sitting down then. And nothing better than going to a Blue Rocks game on Jewish Heritage Day with a nice Jewish boy. I mean, it would’ve just been wrong to go out with a Christian or Mormon or Muslim guy on the Blue Rocks’ Jewish Heritage Day, right?

Welcome Jews to Jew Day at the Ballpark!!!

My residency director and former boss, Gary, is Jewish and has always encouraged me to date a nice Jewish boy.  I believe his exact words were “Once you go Jew…” I don’t really know what happens after the dot-dot-dot but if you follow my blog you know I am pretty open-minded about various religions.

So the Jew and I were going to see if it was easier to spot Jews in Wilmington as opposed to spotting Asians. I learned that Jewish kids have to go to Hebrew school on the weekend when growing up, like Chinese-American kids have to go to Chinese school. I was hoping we would get those cute little Jewish hats (OMG they even make Batman ones) as part of Jew Day at the Ballpark, but no such luck. The only thing Jewish about Jew Day was that they played “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in Yiddish. And the Jew that happened to be sitting next to me.

Rocky Bluewinkle, get it???

So the main mascot is “Rocky Bluewinkle” the moose, who came around the stands greeting fans, but I refused to give him the time of day because I only had eyes for…


Unfortunately this photo of Mr. Celery is from elsewhere on the internet because Mr. Celery was NOT to be seen at this game. But I had heard so much about him, and really wanted to meet him, take a photo with him, and get his autograph! He was THE reason to come see the game! (No offense to the nice Jewish boy.)

I know you guys enjoy the failed dating stories, so here is how it all went down:  it started raining during the game…we were without an umbrella and got soaked…and our home team was down 5 to zero at the fourth or fifth inning when the game got postponed (and eventually cancelled).

another couple was having a much better date with umbrellas.

No Mr. Celery–SO DISAPPOINTING!!! Later I found out from Wikipedia that he only comes out to “CEL”-a-brate when the Blue Rocks score a run. OHHHH.

More Mr. Celery from elsewhere on the internet:

To top it off, the Jewish boy tells me there is a Hebrew version of the famous Philly “LOVE” sculpture in Israel…yet when asked if he knew how to say “love” in Hebrew, he was stumped.

it's "Ahava" in case you want to impress me.

Now riddle me this: what exactly is the point of dating a nice Jewish boy if he can’t declare his love for you in Hebrew?!

a note about hard work.

Friday, August 20th, 2010

How to Become An International Triathlon Superstar, Step #15: Don’t be a sloth.

the sloth at the infamous Brandywine Zoo

how to become a triathlon superstar…secrets revealed!!!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Really exciting! Our TBB store here in Wilmington is getting ready for our first big event. Bek and James are flying in and we all get to talk about some of our big training secrets. I’m stoked because I have never done a talk before as a pro triathlete. 15 minutes of fame baby! :D

I’m totally going to do a Powerpoint presentation on how I went from a 12- to 14-hour ironman age grouper to going pro and breaking 10 hours twice (I took over 2 hours off my Ironman PR last year). I love Powerpoint presentations! Especially when it’s a topic that I’m an expert on! And who’s more of an expert on myself other than…myself? ;)

Wait a second…I just looked at the schedule more closely…they said the three of us would get to talk for 15 minutes each. But it only gives us 30 minutes. How am I going to tell my whole life story in just 10 minutes? :( It will have to be the Cliff Notes version of “how to become a triathlon superstar…”

Well I hope to see all of you Wongstar fans who are within driving distance here on Saturday! “Driving distance” is completely open to interpretation! Other than my Powerpoint presentation, I need to print out more Wongstar autograph cards.

You gotta RSVP to make sure you are on the guest list… email wilmington@thebikeboutique.com to let us know you’re coming!

Sandwich gets a bath.

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

ready, aim, fire!

One of my bartering for rent specialties is giving stinky dogs a bath. Maddie the dalmatian got one in Spokane and today it was Sandwich’s turn here in Delaware.

Now these pictures are not nearly as exciting as last year’s bike bath post, but everything in my world is at least somewhat exciting. Right? ;)

Everything you’ll ever need to clean a smelly dog: ginormous bag of dog treats, a towel, special dog shampoo, scary-looking metal fur-scraping brush, and a spray nozzle.

anyone who knows the significance of 42 knows the significance of... the towel.

Oh yes, and one very smelly, dirty dog.

the unsuspecting victim.

Be sure to assert your authority. Who’s alpha here, bitch?! (Sandwich is a girl dog. I, um, never say bad words.)

shampoo away! I can't imagine not showering less than 3x/day.

Dogs look so funny when they are wet, don’t they? :D

wet dog!

Here she looks like an evil werewolf or something:

like the CGI ones in Twilight!

I brushed her again after some time in the sun, and there was enough fur to make a wig. In case she ever goes bald.

maybe I can donate it to dogs that are undergoing chemo.

Keep it clean, everyone. And by “it,” I mean your dog, your personal hygiene, and…your blood. :)

gotta hava Wawa

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

things to do in Delaware #2: go to Wawa.

what the heck is a Wawa?

So I’m a California girl currently here on the East Coast. Things are different here. The supermarkets are called Acme and Giant instead of Albertsons and Safeway. We have In-N-Out. They have Dunkin Donuts. Ok ok, I know, now I’m comparing apples and oranges, but you catch my drift. Actually, I’ve been traversing the USA so much it’s all kind of blurring together.

Wawa ah-ah-ah roma-roma-ma ga-ga ooh-la-la

So I keep seeing this place called “Wawa” and everybody is raving about how great Wawa is, and how I have to check it out. Apparently it’s like 7-11, but waaaaaay better. I dunno, I keep seeing “Wawa” and in my head I start singing the opening lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” (WARNING: don’t click that hyperlink if you are prone to seizures…oops, sorry too late).

So I ventured inside. The first thing you notice is the full-service deli counter.

not just your ordinary deli counter

You can order specialty drinks and customized sandwiches…and you know they won’t mess up your order because it’s a TOUCH SCREEN ORDERING PANEL!!!

so progressive, this Wawa place is.

Ok so then there are the regular fountain drinks and ICEE’s (which if you recall from a previous blog, is the grandfather of 7-11 Slurpees…that’s right, I do my Wikipedia research properly).

nothing special and exciting here.

BUT BUT BUT hey…I’ve never seen this at a 7-11:


It’s a make-your-own magical milkshake machine! Apparently you pick your own flavor in one of these cups:

so exciting, isn't it?

And then you put it in the machine and pick what consistency you want. AMAZING!

My Wawa tour guide then asked me if I had ever had a Tastykake. No, I have not, and still have not. They are headquartered in Philly so it’s local-ish. I thought a Tastykake was just one of these mini-pies on the top shelf here:

tasty...yeah...I'll take your word for it.

But no, apparently this whole shelf of extremely processed baked goods encompasses a billion varieties of Tastykakes! I am sure they are tasty, but I’m totally frightened now. :(

holy moly Tastykakes everywhere

Then CHECK IT OUT…does 7-11 have their own brand of ICE CREAM?!?!

whoa heyyy!

And bonus points for also having the pint sizes…so I won’t eat the whole half gallon… ;)

I think I'm sold on this Wawa place.

Ok, and not only their own ice cream…but their very own knock-off of the bottled Starbucks Frappuccino I am fond of racing with in my Camelbaks…  I present to you…*drumroll*…the Wawaccino!

I was so amazed that my head practically exploded.

They even package up all these healthy options for you too…if you don’t want ice cream and milkshakes and sugary drinks or super sugary (but tasty!) overly processed baked goods.

Protein Power Pack!

Yeah, there was also a bunch of fresh fruits but that wasn’t very exciting to photograph.

So what did we learn today?  Wawa has everything you could ever want…AND MORE. I could live here. I wonder if they sponsor triathlon superstars?  Oh yes, the title of the blog  post is their motto…”Gotta hava Wawa!”  Indeed!!

We also learned that I wasn’t lying when I said I am very easily impressed and entertained. :)

Which reminds me, I absolutely need to bring my camera to the Giant grocery store next time…OMG now that’s a good time…

a trip to the zoo.

Monday, August 16th, 2010

things to do in Delaware #1: go to the zoo.

Today I went to the zoo. I was pretty excited. Delaware only has one zoo, the Brandywine Zoo, and it is a 15-minute walk from the Bike Haus. I run by the zoo all the time.

Sure it was probably a small zoo, since it’s a small state, but the website said there was a tiger. Pretty exciting because it is the Year of the Tiger, and my bike is named White Tiger.

So I went to the zoo, and was really excited about seeing the tiger.

oh boy oh boy the zoo I'm gonna see a tiger oh boy

I got to the tiger exhibit.

oh boy oh boy it's the tiger exhibit oh boy

And the tiger was dead. :(

what do you mean the tiger is dead?!?!?!

Apparently the tiger died 2 weeks ago. Apparently it is even on the front page of the website and I totally missed that memo because I have this small little netbook with a small little screen and didn’t scroll down far enough. I was just so excited and clicked the “Animals at the Zoo” link, which clearly hadn’t been updated to account for dead tigers.

Rest in peace, dear tiger.

another one of those days

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

smashed from training, emailing Coach a training update, and trying to blog about how fascinating and glamorous my life is.

pooh. Gotta pull out the One-Picture Contingency Plan again.

the key to the Bike Haus

I forgot this one for the Bike Haus blog.  Time to pass out.

A Superstar’s Quest For True Love

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

On the free online dating website I am using (I refuse to pay for such services), there is a section in my dating profile with the prompt “On a typical Friday night I am…”

I left that part blank.

If I were truthful, it would say “smashed from training, emailing Coach a training update, and trying to write a blog about how fascinating and glamorous my life is.” If I were extra truthful, it would also say “oh, it’s Friday night? Because that describes every night and I often lose track of what day it is.”

"So what do you do for fun when you are not training?" I go boyfriend hunting.

For some reason, Wongstar fans seem particularly fascinating with the dating life of a single pro triathlete girl. Anything to do with a date or terrible pick-up line mentioned in a Facebook status update seems to go viral immediately. So I figure why not indulge you guys on what it’s like for someone with my strange lifestyle to go boyfriend hunting.

The travel sponsor is concerned that going on dates means I am not focused enough on my training and racing. Well, at the moment I am the most focused on my triathlon career that I have ever been in my life. Honest. I don’t see the two as mutually exclusive. I think Coach would approve of my quest for true love too–he knows a happy Wongstar is a fast and healthy Wongstar. After all, most of my teammates are in very solid relationships: married, engaged, or practically engaged. Chrissie Wellington herself found the time to land herself a nice boyfriend and she seems to be doing all right, breaking world records and stuff.

It seems that those on the team fall into two categories…those married to or dating other pro triathletes (typically also on the team) and those married to or dating other (tri)athletes, or at least, someone in the triathlon or cycling industry. Of course, most of them were already in established relationships prior to being on teamTBB with the craziness of traveling the world and living out of a suitcase.

Hmmm. So I tried some of that. Dating another pro triathlete and dating age group triathletes. It is really hard to date another pro triathlete who is not on the team as they are usually training and racing somewhere else in the world (and I am not about to date one of my guy teammates; they are like my brothers, ew). Plus these non-teamTBB pro guys usually have very different training philosophies and the last thing you want is for someone to put any doubt in your mind about listening to your own coach.

Age group guys then. Oh yes, we’ll have lots in common and we can train together. I have since learned to be wary of any guy who professes to be your #1 fan in order to date you. Totally skeezy (no offense to my fans out there, just be forewarned that I won’t date you) and he only wants to go out with a pro chick so he can brag to all his triathlete friends that he did, get his hands on your free schwag, and learn all your training secrets so he can get faster. Also the ego thing. Initially he’ll think it’s hot that you can chick him, but soon enough he’ll get all resentful and feel you are threatening his manhood.

So, then I thought, how about a non-triathlete? How do I meet these guys? Aha…online dating. I don’t have time to go to bars and meet guys the normal way. Whatever the normal way is.  Someone please enlighten me? You may recall I did a dating splurge back in January before deactivating my account.  I reactivated it in Spokane because I am such a nerd and wanted to find a date to the Star Wars Concert (success!), and then realized that if I don’t actively pursue true love, it certainly won’t come find me. So I pressed the “restart” button on the quest. Here are things I’ve learned:

  • If it weren’t for the internet, I’d have no game.
  • It is extremely easy to get a date. :)
  • It is extremely easy to go on many bad dates. :(
  • It is much harder to go on a great date.
  • My screening process has been very highly refined since I was just an online dating newbie in January. The more selective and picky you are, the higher the success rate of a date. I try to reassure myself that I am not being a total bitch when I ignore 97% of the messages I receive from the unsuitable suitors, I am just saving everybody (especially myself) from wasting precious time.
  • The closer you are to a big city, the better the selection.
  • I prefer not to tell a guy what my actual occupation is until he gets to know me a little first. I want him to like me for the person I am, not what I do for a living. And, um, really hope it doesn’t scare him away.
  • I am a total grammar snob. I just can’t date a guy who doesn’t know how to use an apostrophe correctly.
  • If a guy also rides bikes and finds out I do, and asks me to go on a bike ride…as our first meet-up…I find that a complete cop-out. I would much rather get pretty and go out on a proper date than get gross and sweaty and do something I already do every day. My homestay hosts find this interesting, and believe I feel that way because it’s my job. But I’d done the “bike date” thing back in college and grad school and I still thought it was a cop-out back then.
  • I don’t expect a guy to launch himself into a long-distance relationship with me after dating me only a few times before I have to pack my bags for the next destination. If he says he will, he is totally lying and will dump my foolish ass right after kissing me good-bye at the airport. That probably sounds bitter, but I’m much more realistic and wiser than I used to be. :)

Through it all, it is still in my nature to be optimistic and I continue to hold onto the hope that someday I will find that special someone who will think I am worth the trouble. Because trouble I am. ;)

Oh and for the record, just because I’ve had bad experiences dating triathlete boys does not mean I have ruled you guys out completely. Clearly I have just not met the right one yet, and I challenge you to be the exception! ;) In fact, I think I will brainstorm up a “Win a Date with the Wongstar” contest in the next few weeks…

The Bike Haus

Friday, August 13th, 2010
this is The Bike Haus

welcome to The Bike Haus

Upon my arrival in Delaware, it was discovered that a network of miscommunication resulted in your favorite triathlon superstar lacking a proper bed to sleep in for the next 3.5 weeks. But I have since been showered with generosity and hospitality from the local cycling community, and on extremely short notice…say an hour or two, Randy had procured me a homestay with Super J and Super K, and their dog Sandwich.

my new Delaware family!

Who really wants to house and feed a completely stranger they’ve never met? They committed to hosting me for just one week, which I figured would give me either ample time to charm them enough to want to keep me (as you may recall, I am very good at bartering for rent) or at least find another place to stay for the other two weeks. I made sure to help with dishes (who knew that unloading a dishwasher could win me so many brownie points), cooked dinner several times, and did grocery store runs when necessary.

A dog named Sandwich.

Well, two weeks have come and gone and needless to say, I am a delightful and irresistible houseguest if I shall say so myself! :) I have nicknamed my home for the month of August “The Bike Haus.” Here, I will give you the tour and you can see for yourself.

Please leave your shoes by the door.

The laundry room AKA bike shoes & helmet room.

Camelbaks by the door! My kind of people!

Leaving the kitchen to go into the living room...

Prepare yourself to be blasted by bikes.

the road bikes

a future cyclocross bike hiding in the corner

Two of the mountain bikes.

And what is a Bike Haus without bike decor?

bike shelf, I mean book shelf adornments

fun books and fun bikes

Look up! More bikes!

White Tiger managed to find a little corner of his own.

bike clothes drying by bike art

Moving along upstairs, you pass by more bikes.

K & J race a lot. Road, mountain, cyclocross, tris & TT's...

a tri bike!

The bedrooms are on the second floor…no real bikes allowed, but bike art is ok! Here’s what’s on the wall in my guest bedroom:

yep they are sharing cigarettes while biking.

This little guy will start pedaling his bike and is powered by a mini solar panel.  You know how excited I get about solar energy;)

a solar-powered cyclist in the reading room

If you then keep going up the stairs to the third floor, you pass by some more bike art…

biker chicks back in the day

And could it be???  More bikes???

bicycles! bicycles!

Even a tricycle…

but only one, otherwise it'd be "The Trike Haus"

And even NAKED BIKE ART!  My blog is so scandalous!!!

This blog is rated R.

So just when I thought I had seen all the bikes in the house, the bike house became The Bike Haus when I ventured outside to the garage…

Lo and behold, more bikes.

And these pictures were taken when Super K was at work.  She bike commutes (like you all should too!), so one of the commuter bikes is MIA in this blog.

another mountain bike

Another bike by a full bike repair area

an older road bike

Man, even Sandwich is exhausted from counting all the bikes in The Bike Haus.

so many bikes I lost count!

In conclusion, there are many bikes in The Bike Haus. (Scottie has called me “Captain Obvious” on multiple occasions. Oh yes.) Big thanks to the Bike Haus family for taking me in on such short notice and being my very generous food & housing sponsor here in Delaware! :)

Project Blog Vomit

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

So I have been challenged to blog a bit more, and as I do nothing half-arsed I took the challenge to the max and as you may have noticed, I started blogging every single day. I’m calling it “Project Blog Vomit.”

While our teamTBB marketing manager has been pleased, she sent me a friendly warning this morning:

“Pace yourself, think of it as an Ironman!!!…there are going to be some days/weeks when you don’t have much to blog about or are too smashed to write.”

Right. Days like today, another 7.5-hour training day in the books…which is actually every other day…but who’s counting. This is when I pull out…wait for it…wait for it… The One-Picture Contingency Plan!!! Silly Emma, there’s always something to blog about in my world. The blogs pour out of my head. Like vomit. ;)

Here you go:

spotted in Philly, where it's always sunny.

spotted in Philly, where it's always sunny.

Walking around Philly, I saw something I had never seen before in my whole entire life. It’s a SOLAR-POWERED TRASH COMPACTOR GARBAGE CAN. Whoaaaa! I heard somewhere else that “it’s always sunny in Philadelphia” and I’m not sure how true that is, but it was sunny when I was there.

How totally ingenious is this?! You are using solar energy and keeping the streets clean. They are on almost every street corner. It’s miraculous!! AMAAAAAAZING!

Clearly I am easily impressed and entertained. :)