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the medical tent loophole « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


the medical tent loophole

You know who helps fund the dreams of a triathlon superstar? Homestays! Yeah! Another huge thanks to Kellie and the entire Jones family, including her “training spouse” Dee, who really took care of me in Louisville, helped me complete everything on my Kentucky list, and made the logistics of the whole event extremely non-stressful.

one of the coolest volunteer jobs: finish line catcher!

Kellie and Dee volunteered as finish line catchers and while another overzealous volunteer put the medal around my neck (despite me pointing frantically at my homestay mom), Kellie got the big (sweaty) hug and literally caught me before they sat my woozy self down in a wheelchair. I was wheeled off to medical, as I felt I could close my eyes and pass out (“Keep your eyes open!” they ordered), and dream happy dreams about winning races and giving victory speeches. I was quickly revived and brought back to reality with a gallon of chicken broth. No need to get an IV and I certainly didn’t need to get carted off to the ER. Or, uh, the psych ward. :)

check out my gnarly sock tanlines! SEXY!

And thus, I learned there is a loophole in the rule disallowing family members in the med tent! You see, Momma Wongstar has only come to my first 2 Ironmans, years and years ago, but I would always end up in the med tent with an IV (or two) and they don’t let family in. It would stress her out so much that I told her she didn’t have to come to any more of these silly Ironmans. But apparently if your mom is working as a finish line volunteer, she is allowed to go into the med tent with you. AHA!! Ā Brilliant!! Ok Mom, you are coming to the next one. ;) Not that I plan to end up in the med tent.

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