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“…and I never had any regrets.” « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


“…and I never had any regrets.”

Last night I had a “slight disagreement” on the phone with Momma Wongstar that ended with me rather stubbornly saying, “Mom, I can only do this while I’m still young.”

The hardest part about chasing your dreams is the part where you’re not quite there yet: when you are putting in so much of the hard work and while steadily making some gains, you are still a long way off from where you want to be. For me specifically, I am not yet making very much money as an athlete and still have student loans and credit card bills, and came into this armed with a master’s degree and thus a “real job” that I “went to school for” that I could so easily go back to. And I know I can. And I will some day. But that day will not come any time soon.

Financially, trying to make it as a professional triathlete on the limited amount of talent I have is not a very brilliant idea. But like the Coach and I have discussed over these last few years, it’s not about the money. It was never about the money. It is about doing everything we can to see me become the best athlete I could be. If I never become one of the best in the world, it wasn’t because I was afraid to try. I will go down in flames if I have to, but at least then I will know what my best is, what I am capable of if I throw my entire soul into this pursuit, and where it ranks amongst the big triathlon superstars of the world. And that will be worth more to me than anything money can buy.

The cool thing about pursuing your dream is that along the way, you meet so many people and learn their stories as well. You meet the ones who had the chance to chase their dream, but instead took the safe route and were left wondering what might have been. You meet the ones who did go after their dreams, and even if they fell short of their goal, the ending of their story is always “…and I never had any regrets.”

Not surprisingly, both types of these people–the ones who chased their dreams and the ones who were too scared to–are very supportive of what I am doing right now. I am 28 years old, which is still fairly young as a pro Ironman triathlete, and I know success won’t come overnight. It just takes time. It is so easy to give up on yourself and take the safe route in life, but I don’t ever want to be one of those people who looks back with regrets.

Until tomorrow, when dreams come true.

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