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Hello, Wisconsin!!! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Hello, Wisconsin!!!

That’s what they always say at the end of the credits on That 70′s Show. “Hello, Wisconsin!!!”

Hello Kitty bike box & Stripey Suitcase, meet the Badger Bus

As I blog this, I am actually sitting inside the Badger Bus going from Milwaukee airport to Madison. There is FREE WIFI on the Badger Bus. How cool is that? Philly airport made you pay and so did the Milwaukee airport. Lame! One should not have to pay for wireless internet. So this 80-mile bus trip only costs $22 and is in a plush air-conditioned charter bus. With free wifi! Best deal ever! :D

Ok I’m gonna have to shut down my laptop before I get carsick. Or bus-sick, whatever. :( I know, what’s the point of free wifi on the bus if you get motion sickness? At least I got the daily blog in before I meet my new homestay!

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