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lucky number 53

I met the neighborhood chalk artists today! Everett and Braden, who are 4 and 8.

aren't they precious??

We realized that Braden is going to be my lucky cheering squad, because my bib number is the same as his football number.

Go #53!

I haven’t WongSTAR-ized the bib # yet, but figured I should throw it in the blog.

without a STAR, I'm just a... Wong.

Interestingly enough, the first time I did this race, my race number was a couple numbers lower!

8 years ago, we didn't have our names printed on our bib numbers.

I was #51. Because first there were the pros, and then the college kids from youngest to oldest. I was one of the youngest, so I had a super low number. Almost pro! …Not really!

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