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eating like a cow in America’s Dairyland « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


eating like a cow in America’s Dairyland

if you ever can't decide, the answer is "BOTH"

This edition of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” brings your fearless food adventurer to the land of the cows, where you can eat like a cow and be as fat as a cow… if you didn’t do Ironmans or something. This gave me ample opportunities to check (and double or triple check) everything off the “5 Things To do in Wongsconsin” list!

Fried cheese curds @ Fifth Quarter

Let’s start off with cheese. Friday is known as “Friday Fish Fry” day so a trip to Fifth Quarter Sports Bar & Grill in Verona meant fried cheese curds as an appetizer, then fried fish as the main course.

self-proclaimed cheese-disliker

I was skeptical, but when in Rome…

Fried fish, fried shrimp, fried hashbrowns

Fried anything is pretty darn good.

Next stop, Ian’s Pizza on State Street. We ordered half Mac N Cheese and half Steak N Fry.

so big you can swaddle a baby in it

Mac N Cheese on pizza has got to be one of the strangest looking things ever!

it's a pizza! no, it's Mac N Cheese! no, it's a pizza!

The fun part of the Steak N Fry pizza was the crinkle-cut fries on it:

the BBQ sauce makes it too

Then a trip to Michael’s Frozen Custard

CAUTION: contents are lethal!

…for a peanut butter cup chocolate frozen custard sundae. AW YEAH!

I didn't really eat the whole thing.

It’s true what they say. It’s like ice cream, BUT BETTER!!! :D :D :D

oh crap. the empty cup and cheesy smile don't lie.

Even the napkin holders say so.

oh boy, meet hot retro boys here!

And they also sell a dog-friendly version of it called K9 Custard!

safe for consumption by doggies

So we had to bring back some for Maggie. She doesn’t like being left out.

Maggie has also been known to eat...Neosporin, rubber bands, tissue, and of course, cat poop.

People always ask what I want to eat right after an Ironman. It always depends on how my stomach is feeling, sometimes it’s all jacked up and sometimes it’s great. I find that after all the Gatorade (er Powerbar Perform?) + Coke (Pepsi?) + Hello Pandas + Mocha Frappuccinos during the race, I am not in the mood for anything sugary, more salty and savory and…MEATY. You may recall I am a big fan of beef. I was lucky after this race, my stomach felt great and ready to not only eat like a cow, but actually eat cow, in the land of the cows.

this won the prize for "best thing I ever ate" in Wisconsin

The Old-Fashioned Tavern & Restaurant was right on the run course, a few blocks from the finish line. While waiting for Jeff of Team Glas fame to come by I ordered a #30, minus the cheese (I told you I don’t like cheese): the House Burger (medium rare) with hickory-smoked bacon, a fried egg, and garlic sauce on a buttered bun. And fries. Oops, sorry, I just drooled on the keyboard thinking about it again. Yep, your four main food groups right there: cow, pig, chicken, and taters.

beer cheese soup with popcorn topping

They also had something so bizarre that we had to try it. The #16 was Wisconsin beer cheese soup garnished with popcorn. It was gross. Like thick warm beer with soggy popcorn. But hey, I tried it and I’ll try anything once. (That’s what she said!) Ok, maybe not anything.

And beer! What about the beer, Wongstar? Here is photographic evidence of my finisher’s beer:

taken with my crappy camera phone in the dark

While my post-Ironman stomach was quite happy with the bacon + fried egg burger, it could only tolerate half a beer before it said “ok thanks that’s good.” It was also quite happy to instead drink some Haamonii Jolly Rancher martinis tonight.

recipe: 1 part Haamonii, 1 part Midori, 1 part fresh lemon juice

And you know what they went with that’s also on the Wisconsin list? Ok, not my original list but everyone said I had to add this on:


Wow, yeah, apparently bratwursts are a big deal in Wisconsin. Anyway, MOOOO…. I think I’m ready to eat vegetables again.

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