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“Walmart for Farmers” « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


“Walmart for Farmers”

When you tour around your very own country, you meet different people in different places with different jobs who shop at different places from you. Much like I had asked “what the heck is a Wawa?” when in Delaware, I found myself in Wisconsin, AKA “America’s Dairyland,” asking “what the heck is Blair’s Farm and Fleet?”

Blair's? Blain's?

Well, it turns out it’s not “Blair” despite how the logo looks like a cursive “R” but “Blain.” And so I was told that “Farm & Fleet” (for short) is kind of like a Walmart for farmers.

"where the hardest working people in America find value"

So although I say I’m “from San Francisco,” that’s not technically true, as I’ve always grown up in the suburbs in the San Francisco Bay Area. So I am not quite a city girl but most definitely not a farm girl either. I am sure it would be entertaining to throw me into the role of farm girl for the day, like Paris Hilton on The Simple Life, but until I get that phone call, I had to settle for a trip to the Farm & Fleet.

"Farm Girl Lively Stock" LOVE IT!! :D

Let’s start with the clothing here. You see a ton of plaids and flannels, and in the juniors’ department there is a hip line of clothing called…”Farm Girl.” Yes, you do want to click on that link and make sure your sound is on; it’s priceless!

no city boys! too clean and wimpy for a farm girl!

Ingenious and cute slogans on these shirts, but at $17.99 I didn’t think the prices were very Walmart-like.

Milk it, baby!

There was what I would call the “Mom’s section” because I could see Momma Wongstar shopping here. Me and the WongSiSTAR often throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl over the holidays and have been known to raid Mom’s closet. teehee

not ugly, just different. ;)

Rick saw a shirt in the men’s section he really liked:

a great place for Halloween costumes too.

I was pretty excited they had a whole selection of cowboy boots to go with your outfit too!

wow almost as cool as the ones I got in Cozumel!

And what I thought were rainboots, but Rick told me they were for stepping through cow poop and mud.

poop boots!

Oh yeah! And John Deere socks!

they also come in pink

There was also a ginormous selection of “bibs” and these weren’t the kind you go cycling in.

which color should I get?

Next there is a giant hunting department.

camo jackets for your little boy or girl

This was a very educational field trip. I learned that the fluorescent orange color is called “blaze orange” and that deer are actually color blind.

the blaze orange is so you don't get shot!

Air rifles now come in pink for hunting chicks.

yeehaw for feminism!

You can also buy decoys and lawn decorations…

Canadian geese. Don't be fooled, they're not real.

I think these were lawn decorations too, but I wasn’t sure:

they're like lemmings!

And if you want to bring your dog hunting with you but don’t want his bed to startle the prey, you get a camo bed for Spot.

camo camo camo everything

That provides a lovely segue into the next section of the Farm & Fleet. The part that is like Petco or PetSmart, for big farm animals!

this is like baby formula for baby cows

And if you have more than one kind of farm animal, you can save money on “baby formula” for the baby farm animals by buying the MULTI-SPECIES version. Which isn’t so weird if you consider we humans drink cow and goat milk…right?

sharing is caring! across species!

You can buy hot pink harnesses for your horsies. This aisle was definitely like being at PetSmart, like buying a leash for your dog.

so many choices!

And to make sure you don’t spread germs while milking cows, make sure you get some Teat Dip and Udderwash.

dip those teats!

I wouldn’t know how to use them.

keep them udders clean!

This section which made me think of Jurassic Park. Apparently you need to have zapping fences to keep the cows from escaping and terrorizing the neighbors, just like the dinosaurs in the movie.


If you need all the muck from the animals contained, you should get…a muck cart. Obviously.

muck muck muck! what a great word!

There’s also a pretty extensive tool section, but I’ll just post photos of these. A “snow thrower” which I’d never seen, as I don’t live anywhere that snows or actually own a property large enough in a place that snows to need snow to be thrown.

throwing snow, I thought that was called a snowball fight.

And what did I say about this being an educational trip? I learned that this brand is the “gold standard” in chainsaws. And there sure were many to choose from!

I'm no chainsaw connoisseur, but this is the gold standard here!

There were cute little mini versions of tractors and other farm equipment. Like Micro Machines for farmer kids.


And lest you think I am not blogging about anything triathlon-related here, let me tell ya…even farmers can become triathletes and still shop here for their training and racing goods!

wheelbarrow tubes for swim training

There’s a whole bicycle section. It’s no Bike Boutique and no Cervelos, but hey, bikes!

bicycles; it's not about the bike right?

And the third discipline, the run! I was impressed seeing these very familiar orange and grey shoeboxes…well if it isn’t our very own running shoe sponsor, AVIA!!

Avia's for farmers too!

Ok I hope you enjoyed the tour. I found it very fascinating and educational. Oh, you can also find all the things you need to rob a bank. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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