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good-bye San Francisco, good-bye fog! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


good-bye San Francisco, good-bye fog!

Ocean Beach & Cliff House

We interrupt this regularly scheduled race report to pack up for the next adventure. I’ll miss you San Francisco, but I’m not sure I’ll miss all the fog…

play Hide-and-Seek while doing track marathons!

I’ll have time to finish up the race report while on the airplane. You’d be surprised how long it takes me to write one. (Well, no, you probably know if you’ve been following me for a while. ;) ) It wouldn’t take so long if I wasn’t such a writing perfectionist, grammar snob, and well, I used to think I was more of a math nerd but actually scored higher on my SAT’s in verbal (780 vs. 750).

when we were little, Mom always said the fog was from "Grandma cooking."

I’m kind of sad that I’ll miss the season premiere of Glee while up in the air. I’ll have to catch it on Hulu when I hit my destination. In the meantime I get to watch a brand-new Chuck while packing up White Tiger right now. I like them hot nerdy boys. ;)

Stay tuned!

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