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Love the Wongstar? “Like” the Wongstar! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Love the Wongstar? “Like” the Wongstar!

In honor of the new Facebook movie “The Social Network” premiering next Friday, we present to you a very gratuitous plug of the Wongstar’s official Facebook page.

The WongSiSTAR loves the Wongstar, do you?

The Wongstar promised her fledgling Facebook fan club that if she hit 500 fans, she would get “I (Heart) Wongstar” stickers printed out. At the moment the fans are just 491 strong, so please visit the page and click the “Like” button.

If you already “Like” the Wongstar, she gives you permission and absolutely encouragement to be that annoying FB friend who suggests it to all your friends too!

And yes…she realizes it’s no longer technically called a fan page and saying you merely “Like” the Wongstar is nowhere near the actual emotional connection you have to her. It is, after all, called the “I <3 The Wongstar: The Official Wongstar Fan Club.”

not a fan of the new verbiage

It’s unfortunate that it’s not a “Love” button or one with a heart or “less than 3″ sign (<3).

Love the Wongstar!

While you’re at it, you should definitely also become a fan of (…I mean “LIKE”…) The Bike Boutique Wilmington, my new local bike shop!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Thanks for “liking” me and any stronger warm & fuzzy feelings you may harbor towards me!

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