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a real bed! Day 4. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


a real bed! Day 4.

fun for "big kids"

Today I played “Legos for Grown-ups.” I.e., I put together my Ikea furniture. When I opened up the box of desk pieces I couldn’t see how all the slats turned into a desk…but it did!

pirate ship Legos were my favorite.

The bed was actually less complicated.

I built it inside the walk-in closet, I mean bedroom, in case it couldn't fit through the doorway...

But huge.

almost done. starting to look like a bed!

And no, I did not need a second person. HA!

don't forget the slatted bed base!!

I still need some key pieces, but will be shopping secondhand on Craigslist and in local triathletes’ garages. :) Everybody seems to have something extra lying around!

Today’s intro is brought to you by the newest addition to the bike room, Franz:

YouTube Preview Image

I’m still without a TV so I have to wait until tomorrow to catch up on Big Bang Theory, Nikita, and My Generation online. I’ve been bugging my editor at MSN TV to send me a TV (and yes, I know he reads this ;) ) so I can do my job properly! *chirp, chirp, chirp* Yep, still waiting. :(

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