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first flood navigation (not in the first state, this is PA) « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


first flood navigation (not in the first state, this is PA)

Nothing too new or exciting on Day 5 of the move-in, except that I got a cute little red chair from the Bike Haus basement, and I also spent $22 at the dollar store (yep, that’s 22 items because there’s NO SALES TAX in Delaware!!!). This includes two garbage cans. Soooooo exciting, right?!

This morning was kind of exciting, as I was biking to Mac’s swimming pool…since it’s right by a river…well all the roads leading into his property were flooded.

oh! good morning, flooded road!!

That was the view heading in. You can’t even tell how deep it is. At this point, I took off the bike shoes, slipped on the flippy-floppies, and…no, didn’t wade through it. I was able to go around it. Waaaay around it, if you look to the far left of the photo, I could navigate onto someone else’s property, didn’t get shot at with a shotgun, and finally made it to the pool in the barn to meet with the group, and…no one else was there. Apparently no cars could get in or out!

Mac joined in halfway through but then warned me that even though it had stopped raining last night, the floodwaters were actually still rising and wouldn’t peak for a few hours. Oh snap. This meant cutting the warm-down short, or rather, having the warm-down consist of getting myself and White Tiger off the property ASAP or we would be stranded for at least a few more hours!

On the way out, another part of the road that had been barely wet was now completely immersed…

White Tiger is NOT amused. shut up White Tiger, I'm the one that has to carry you anyway.

…this time there was no way around it. So I threw the Tiger over the shoulder and trucked through, mid-calf. Good thing it was White Tiger and not that fatty Franz. Don’t tell Franz. ;)

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