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a prayer to Grilled Cheesus « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


a prayer to Grilled Cheesus

Grilled Cheesus works in mysterious ways.

Dear Grilled Cheesus,

I am usually not the religious praying type but if you can help Finn’s football team actually win a game, help him get his quarterback position back, and hell heck, even help him get to second base with that prude Rachel, then maybe you listen to prayers after all.

Grilled Cheesus answers Finn's 3 wishes, er prayers.

Grilled Cheesus, please help make me a faster swimmer. I am not asking for so much, not like a crazy fast 45-minute Ironman swim or anything. More like a 1:05 to close out my season with. I haven’t even gone under 1:10 this year and it is really hurting my credibility as a professional triathlete. (Well, it also hurts my wallet too when I miss out on prize money losing so much time coming out of the water.)

I am not even asking for a sub-one-hour swim. If I can just swim 1:00:00 flat at every Ironman for the rest of my triathlon career, I would be forever indebted to you. I will stop publicly bashing cheese and even take off “I have an aversion to cheese” from my online dating profile. Grilled Cheesus, please answer my prayer.

Thank you, Grilled Cheesus.

Love and hugs,
the Wongstar

Instant Swimmer: Just add water & pray to Grilled Cheesus.

P.S. If this post made no sense to you at all, watch the Glee recap of the “Grilled Cheesus” episode, or heck, watch the full episode here. It’s controversial of course. Loved it! If you read my blog, you know better than to be easily offended.

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