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a blog for Papa Wongstar

“This is Half Pint, welcome to our crib!

I like to eat my leftovers cold. It drives my dad crazy whenever he catches me doing this at home. He always says I could get sick if I don’t nuke the invisible bugs in my food before I eat it. I always respond, “Iron stomach, Dad.” Shouldn’t a triathlon superstar train her stomach to withstand all kinds of stomach bugs?

Well, Papa Wongstar can sleep better at night knowing that local triathletes Laurie and John have donated their cute little “Half Pint” microwave to my crib. Whether I actually warm up my leftovers or not shall be kept confidential, but hey I have the option now! ;)

Half Pint is so adorable! I love it!!

It’s been pretty sweet having the Wongstar crib slowly furnished piece by piece by the local triathlon and cycling communities here. I’ve got a huge TV from Mags, an end table-turned-TV stand from Amy and Mark, my office chair from the Bike Haus family, and the big-girl mattress from Jeff and Anna K. I even had two other microwave possibilities from Deborah and Mike. I’ve got a lead on a couch from Mike too. When all is said and done and the crib is completely furnished, I’ll have to break open the box of Haamonii Smooth Shochu and invite everyone over for a crib-warming. It’d be totally fun to see how many people I can cram into such a small space! :)

Thank you to all my new friends who have donated stuff to the crib!

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