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a TV and a paycheck

“Hey, this is Chuck, welcome to our crib!”

Helloooooo Chuck!

The cable guy came yesterday so now I can properly do my other job. I decided to go with the cheapest cable TV plan, the “limited basic” plan for $11.95 per month from Comcast. It gives me 62 channels including NBC (for Chuck), CBS (for the Big Bang Theory), the CW (for Nikita), and Universal Sports (for Ironman!!!). Those four are all I really need. I mean, I used to love watching music videos on MTV; obviously that was a loooooong time ago (since they only have reality shows now!) and that’s what YouTube is for now. Can you believe there is actually a cable plan that is $76.95 a month just for more TV channels? Really??? That is more than what I pay for health insurance!

Now the big burning question is, should I get a remote control? Obviously my crib is small enough that walking across the room to change the channel takes merely two steps, but I only have the up and down channel buttons on the TV, and while CBS, CW, and NBC are channels #3, 9, and 10 respectively, Universal Sports is channel #249. Hmm. The other remote control dilemma is that I just want a super duper cheapie one that lets me punch in channel numbers and is under $10, but all the ones at the store have a billion buttons to also control your DVR, video game console, speaker system, etc, etc. Some of them cost over $100! Are you kidding me??

I mean seriously, some of them have touchscreens and look like you can use it to play MP3′s and get GPS navigation for your car. They say stuff like “control 5 devices!” and I can’t figure out what 5 devices I would have to control. Can it control my microwave, ipod, dishwasher, and garbage disposal? But I don’t have a dishwasher or garbage disposal.

In other news, look what came in the mail!

Hola Kitty is ecstatic!

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