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the elusive token Asian boyfriend « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


the elusive token Asian boyfriend

Right, last night I totally forgot to mention my other favorite show, Glee. Duh. What’s fun this season is that the two Asians hooked up. Seriously. They’ve been referred to as “the Asian” and “the other Asian” on the show. I’m not being racist. Sue Sylvester said it. So in the season premiere, the two Asians tried to deny rumors that they hooked up over the summer: “why? just because we’re both Asian? That’s racist!” “Totally racist!” Well indeed they spent the summer as camp counselors at “Asian camp” and Tina totally dumped Artie for Mike. Or rather…Mike’s abs.

I've officially left Team Jacob's Abs for Team Mike Chang's Abs.

Wouldn’t you? I’d hit that. Where’s my token Asian boyfriend?

"what, just because we're both Asian?"

Well tonight’s episode did not disappoint. Tina is annoyed because the only time they go on dates is to have dim sum…with his mom. OH. MY. GOD. I could not stop laughing. She just wants to be able to eat a salad that does not have chicken feet in it. :D :D :D

They even get to do a duet together!

YouTube Preview Image

Ok, maybe I don’t want a token Asian boyfriend. The tall enough variety with abs like Mike Chang are few and far between, if in existence at all. :(

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