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a random blog on leg shaving. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


a random blog on leg shaving.

(because I am randomly inspired to blog about random things.)

I think shaving my legs is fun, because I am easily entertained and like how shaving gel comes out a gel and then turns into a foam. Dude, if I were a guy I would totally have fun shaving my beard every day. Or not, because I’m Asian, maybe I wouldn’t even have to shave every day. Or at all. Ok, change that sentence back to “Dude, if I were a white guy…”

I wish I wasn’t so bad at it though. I always end up nicking myself. This may be user error or because I am a cheapo and buy the cheap 10-pack of disposable razors, generic brand. I learned early on in college I was bad at shaving my legs and my freshman year was totally suckered by an infomercial for Nad’s. You know, that green all-natural wax stuff? That was the first (and only) time I’ve ever called up an infomercial to place an order. Now you can buy it at Target or some other drug store/pharmacy. Or as the Aussies call it, “the chemist.” So Aussies, tell me, do you guys use Nads too? That’s part of their whole marketing thing, it was developed by Aussies and supposedly a big deal there…?

So yeah, my preferred method of hair removal would be waxing with Nad’s. I can actually get by just waxing once a month. Cuz I’m Asian and Asian people are not very hairy creatures. And I didn’t really bother with the whole hair removal thing until college because I’m Asian, and Asian people are not very hairy creatures. Wait, I said that already. My mom doesn’t even shave or wax her legs because she doesn’t have any hair on her legs. I’m serious. That’s why we never learned to do it growing up. Ok, I’m exaggerating. She has maybe 3 hairs on her left knee and 5 on her right.

I once won a $300 gift certificate for laser hair removal at a race expo that had a random drawing. Of course as I was filling it out I mumbled “oh I never win any of these things.” Then I won it. I was pretty excited and then of course pretty disappointed when I went to my first appointment and they told me I was not a candidate because I have a scarring problem with my skin. As anyone who has seen my left knee this year when I got that nasty “tiger bite,” I get keloid scars. (It’s like extra skin cells that make a scar thicker. Don’t Google it, you might get scared AND scarred. AHAHA.) But only on my knees and elbows. Which apparently is a contraindication for laser hair removal. ARGG!

Ok that’s your random blog for the week. I bet you thought this blog would be about what I think about guys shaving their legs.

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