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becoming a swimmer, Day 1. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


becoming a swimmer, Day 1.

the Golden Bear pool at Cal mocking me

I got my new training program from Coach this morning and I love it already. In that masochistic kind of way, because it involves a whole lotta swimming. He told me a couple weeks ago that one of the reasons I am swimming slow is that it’s all in my head. So I pulled out the Jedi mind tricks and have been convincing myself that I really have it in me to swim faster. If you really believe it, you can do anything, right? :)

Over half the sessions are with the local squads and I got all my new swimsuits to keep me motivated. After a month of all this extra swimming, I’ll reward myself with a couple more. :D Coach said real swimmers don’t get new suits, they just wear their old ones til they go see-through and fall off. But I told him, he keeps telling me I gotta swim like Bella; she has the biggest collection of swimsuits of anyone I know, so if I want to swim like her, I need to start building up my collection, right? Totally makes sense to me. ;)

Happy swimming everybody!

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