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A swim story and a swim update. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


A swim story and a swim update.

Funshine Bear was my favorite.

I didn’t learn to swim as a kid. When I was 3 or 4 and my big sister was 5 or 6, we went to a day care center. There was a swimming pool there and I think once a week we kids were allowed to play in the pool. The first few times, my mom wouldn’t let us join in on the fun. We begged and begged; all the other kids looked like they were having a blast and so finally she relented and sent us to day care one day with towels. I had my Care Bears swimsuit and Nat had her Strawberry Shortcake one.

Now this is what I very clearly remember 25 years later: all the other kids had really fun beach towels with their favorite cartoons on them. Care Bears, She-Ra and He-Man, Transformers, Rainbow Brite, Thundercats and My Little Ponies. Well despite living so close to the beach growing up, we never went to the beach because I grew up thinking Asian people didn’t go to the beach. Because at the beach, you get dirty. And Asian people don’t get dirty. This is also why Asian people don’t go camping.

What what towel did I have? A boring white towel that probably had “Brookside Hospital” stamped on the end (this was the hospital I was born in and apparently I came home with extra white towels).

See, traumatized from swimming at such an early age already.

All I remember next was we got in the water and I just stood there bawling.

My mom never made us go swimming again.

Wilykit was my favorite Thundercat.

15 years later, I saw my first Ironman when I was 18 years old and decided I had to learn how to swim. I had to make the 2hr20min cut-off so I could be an Ironman too. Now fast forward another 10 years later and while some may say I still don’t know how to swim, my brother and sister still haven’t learned how to swim at all.

Anyway, I have been making good progress these last few weeks since I decided that there is a real swimmer inside of me that is ready to come out. I think secretly I had still been harboring a childhood fear of drowning, and when you swim really really really hard like you are supposed to, breathing is difficult and then I feel like I might drown.

Well Coach gave me two options: drown or get faster.

insanely awesome swim pic of the Wongstar from Snap-Attack!

I don’t want to drown.

So I have been chasing Zeke and Mike at Mac’s swimming pool three times a week since August and finally this week they can’t drop me any more! :D I am “mighty chuffed” as my friend The Bean would say and even have to tell the guys to stop slowing down. ;) They say maybe they are not getting slower, maybe I am just getting faster. I hope so. I can’t really tell. :)

I just emailed Becky May telling her “My arms feel f***ed all the time but I think that’s a good thing.” And even if I tell my mom on the phone that my arms are hurting, she has evolved into a Triathlon Superstar Mom and no longer says silly things like “oh Jo-jo, please don’t overdo it.” Now she says “Well, that’s what you have to do.”

Apparently every time she followed me on ironmanlive.com and saw my bad swim times, she would say to herself “It’s because the poor girl has no arm muscles. Her arms are getting too tired.” Oh, moms know best. ;) Ok, maybe she didn’t know best when I was 3 or 4 when she should’ve just said “stop crying and take swim lessons,” but she has since learned. Better late than never.

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