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becoming a swimmer, Day 1.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

the Golden Bear pool at Cal mocking me

I got my new training program from Coach this morning and I love it already. In that masochistic kind of way, because it involves a whole lotta swimming. He told me a couple weeks ago that one of the reasons I am swimming slow is that it’s all in my head. So I pulled out the Jedi mind tricks and have been convincing myself that I really have it in me to swim faster. If you really believe it, you can do anything, right? :)

Over half the sessions are with the local squads and I got all my new swimsuits to keep me motivated. After a month of all this extra swimming, I’ll reward myself with a couple more. :D Coach said real swimmers don’t get new suits, they just wear their old ones til they go see-through and fall off. But I told him, he keeps telling me I gotta swim like Bella; she has the biggest collection of swimsuits of anyone I know, so if I want to swim like her, I need to start building up my collection, right? Totally makes sense to me. ;)

Happy swimming everybody!

a random blog on leg shaving.

Monday, October 18th, 2010

(because I am randomly inspired to blog about random things.)

I think shaving my legs is fun, because I am easily entertained and like how shaving gel comes out a gel and then turns into a foam. Dude, if I were a guy I would totally have fun shaving my beard every day. Or not, because I’m Asian, maybe I wouldn’t even have to shave every day. Or at all. Ok, change that sentence back to “Dude, if I were a white guy…”

I wish I wasn’t so bad at it though. I always end up nicking myself. This may be user error or because I am a cheapo and buy the cheap 10-pack of disposable razors, generic brand. I learned early on in college I was bad at shaving my legs and my freshman year was totally suckered by an infomercial for Nad’s. You know, that green all-natural wax stuff? That was the first (and only) time I’ve ever called up an infomercial to place an order. Now you can buy it at Target or some other drug store/pharmacy. Or as the Aussies call it, “the chemist.” So Aussies, tell me, do you guys use Nads too? That’s part of their whole marketing thing, it was developed by Aussies and supposedly a big deal there…?

So yeah, my preferred method of hair removal would be waxing with Nad’s. I can actually get by just waxing once a month. Cuz I’m Asian and Asian people are not very hairy creatures. And I didn’t really bother with the whole hair removal thing until college because I’m Asian, and Asian people are not very hairy creatures. Wait, I said that already. My mom doesn’t even shave or wax her legs because she doesn’t have any hair on her legs. I’m serious. That’s why we never learned to do it growing up. Ok, I’m exaggerating. She has maybe 3 hairs on her left knee and 5 on her right.

I once won a $300 gift certificate for laser hair removal at a race expo that had a random drawing. Of course as I was filling it out I mumbled “oh I never win any of these things.” Then I won it. I was pretty excited and then of course pretty disappointed when I went to my first appointment and they told me I was not a candidate because I have a scarring problem with my skin. As anyone who has seen my left knee this year when I got that nasty “tiger bite,” I get keloid scars. (It’s like extra skin cells that make a scar thicker. Don’t Google it, you might get scared AND scarred. AHAHA.) But only on my knees and elbows. Which apparently is a contraindication for laser hair removal. ARGG!

Ok that’s your random blog for the week. I bet you thought this blog would be about what I think about guys shaving their legs.

hey, this is Oscar…

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

welcome to our crib!

thanks again to "Fees" for the poster :D

I also scored a universal remote for the TV on clearance for $4.97 at Walmart. It controls four devices! And actually specifies which four devices: your TV, DVD player (or gasp! VCR), your DVR, and cable or satellite. No, not my microwave or ipod. Well I do not have a DVD player or DVR or fancy extra cable box thing.  I feel like I am a huge disappointment to my new remote control. ah well, what can you do.

breaking the news on the first date

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

In this edition of “Wongstar stays in on Friday night to do laundry, blog, and go to bed early cuz she’s AWESOME” I believe it’s time for an update on dating shenanigans. Or lack thereof actually.

I think I need to rethink my strategy in the incredible game of boyfriend hunting. So turns out there’s a downside to being the most popular triathlon superstar in the world. If you think I am exaggerating, please humor me. Google “triathlon superstar” and see who gets the top 4 hits and 70% of the results on the first page. The only other athlete who makes top 10 would be…Chrissie Wellington, at the bottom of the page, hit number 10. :D

Anyway, yes, there is actually a downside to all the fame and riches. If I tell a guy I am a pro triathlete before we meet, in this day and age of Google-stalking, I am so Google-able (“Jocelyn pro triathlete” or if I don’t tell them my real name but I usually do, “Asian pro triathlete” will do it) that he is bound to find out all about me before our first date whereas I might not know much about him at all. Which I’m not sure is really fair.

(Oh hey, hi potential online suitor, congratulations, you’ve found my blog. Now stop reading if you know what’s good for you. Or read at your own risk and decide if you are still man enough to ask me out.)

So in my past few first dates, I haven’t told the guy what my actual job is until we met in person, because I didn’t want him to Google me and have preconceived notions about me. The degrees to which this has been successful are questionable. It takes a certain kind of guy not to be intimidated by a woman who is an athlete at the elite level–and I am sure even my female amateur counterparts have this dilemma too. Some guys just can’t handle a girl who may threaten their masculinity. If you want to know the story behind why I am a height snob, this dates back to my first boyfriend in high school, who was maybe an inch taller than me and weighed 20 pounds less than I did. He once told me I threatened his masculinity. Comments like that scar people. Now he ruined it for all the wonderful–but short–guys under six feet tall.

As a side note, I have come to realize that I would probably do best with a guy who also partakes in regular exercise…and spending 2 hours a week “in the gym” doesn’t really count. Or anyone who refers to exercising as “cardio.” Grilled Cheesus, maybe I am a height snob, grammar snob, AND exercise snob. …Too bad!

Anyway, most guys are taken aback when I break the news. I’m used to it by now. But maybe it’s not fair to spring it on them on the first date. Maybe that’s why they say they’ll call me and then don’t. And it sure is awkward when he finds out and then Googles you on his iphone. Right there and then. And skims through your blog right in front of you. Damn you, technology!

So screw it. I’ve decided to just drop the bomb before we meet, and if he Googles me and is reading this right now: try not to take everything I write so seriously. I am way cooler in person and not so scary, really. :) This will just be another of the many steps in the filtering process; even if it means less first dates at least I’ll have quality over quantity. ;)

Mom and Pop

Friday, October 15th, 2010

So I realized why I found the whole token Asian couple in Glee fighting about dim sum with his mom so hilarious.

It reminded me of how my mom has always bickered with my dad about how he has to have dim sum with his family every week. We went to dim sum every weekend in Chinatown with Dad’s side of the family growing up. Chinese people talk at the top of their lungs, you know. When you step inside the tea house you just hear this ROAR. :) That’s how you know it’s authentic.

My car arrived yesterday with a trunk full of more stuff, so my wardrobe just doubled, and I had thrown in some sentimental stuff to make the crib seem more like home. Like this, Mom and Pop:

beware, Mom and Pop are always watching.

I love this picture of them, because they look so young and happy and glamorous. I think this was before they got married and had us kids. hahahaha!

I also wrote a piece on the moms and pops of television for MSN TV.

Anyway, just wanted to give a shoutout to my superstar parents–thanks for your love and support and not throwing too big of a tantrum when I moved across the USA…again (I was in Atlanta for grad school, remember Mom?)…but at least I’m still in the same country these days!

I do blame you two for my lack of swimming skills though, and not forcing us to take swim lessons when we were little. More on that in another blog. ;)

sometimes you just need a lil pep talk

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Dear scrawny wimpy pathetic excuses for arms,

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Just so you’re warned, it’s about to get worse before it gets better.

Much, much worse.

This hurts me more than it hurts you.

Trust me, it’s for your own good.

You’ll thank me for this.

Now stop crying like little biatches.


Love and kisses,

the elusive token Asian boyfriend

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Right, last night I totally forgot to mention my other favorite show, Glee. Duh. What’s fun this season is that the two Asians hooked up. Seriously. They’ve been referred to as “the Asian” and “the other Asian” on the show. I’m not being racist. Sue Sylvester said it. So in the season premiere, the two Asians tried to deny rumors that they hooked up over the summer: “why? just because we’re both Asian? That’s racist!” “Totally racist!” Well indeed they spent the summer as camp counselors at “Asian camp” and Tina totally dumped Artie for Mike. Or rather…Mike’s abs.

I've officially left Team Jacob's Abs for Team Mike Chang's Abs.

Wouldn’t you? I’d hit that. Where’s my token Asian boyfriend?

"what, just because we're both Asian?"

Well tonight’s episode did not disappoint. Tina is annoyed because the only time they go on dates is to have dim sum…with his mom. OH. MY. GOD. I could not stop laughing. She just wants to be able to eat a salad that does not have chicken feet in it. :D :D :D

They even get to do a duet together!

YouTube Preview Image

Ok, maybe I don’t want a token Asian boyfriend. The tall enough variety with abs like Mike Chang are few and far between, if in existence at all. :(

a TV and a paycheck

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

“Hey, this is Chuck, welcome to our crib!”

Helloooooo Chuck!

The cable guy came yesterday so now I can properly do my other job. I decided to go with the cheapest cable TV plan, the “limited basic” plan for $11.95 per month from Comcast. It gives me 62 channels including NBC (for Chuck), CBS (for the Big Bang Theory), the CW (for Nikita), and Universal Sports (for Ironman!!!). Those four are all I really need. I mean, I used to love watching music videos on MTV; obviously that was a loooooong time ago (since they only have reality shows now!) and that’s what YouTube is for now. Can you believe there is actually a cable plan that is $76.95 a month just for more TV channels? Really??? That is more than what I pay for health insurance!

Now the big burning question is, should I get a remote control? Obviously my crib is small enough that walking across the room to change the channel takes merely two steps, but I only have the up and down channel buttons on the TV, and while CBS, CW, and NBC are channels #3, 9, and 10 respectively, Universal Sports is channel #249. Hmm. The other remote control dilemma is that I just want a super duper cheapie one that lets me punch in channel numbers and is under $10, but all the ones at the store have a billion buttons to also control your DVR, video game console, speaker system, etc, etc. Some of them cost over $100! Are you kidding me??

I mean seriously, some of them have touchscreens and look like you can use it to play MP3′s and get GPS navigation for your car. They say stuff like “control 5 devices!” and I can’t figure out what 5 devices I would have to control. Can it control my microwave, ipod, dishwasher, and garbage disposal? But I don’t have a dishwasher or garbage disposal.

In other news, look what came in the mail!

Hola Kitty is ecstatic!

my new training plan

Monday, October 11th, 2010

rinse chlorine off, and repeat!

I ordered three new swimsuits too. That’s how I get excited about swimming! ;)

fired up from Kona virtual spectating!

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

This time last year I was in Korea doing a bike race and missed most of the Kona coverage online. Today in Delaware I was able to work in my training before and during the IronmanLive coverage so I could cheer for my teamTBB teammates through the internet! SOOOO exciting to see the battle between Macca and Raelert, follow T-Mac and Amy tearing it up on the bike, and of course watch our very own Xena take 2nd in the women’s race!

@theWongstar gets retweeted on the IMLive feed. screenshot by the Travel Sponsor

I have personally never qualified for Kona, unless you count the time I went 5:45 at Vineman 70.3 (back when it was called the Half Vineman) and took 9th in my age group, but didn’t bother going to awards/roll-down and the one slot in our division rolled all the way down to 12th.

Then I made a quantum leap in performance, took 2 hours off my Ironman time and went pro immediately, so never had the opportunity to be a superstar age grouper. I think by now my performances would’ve qualified me as an age grouper at least five times, but I want to be a real triathlon superstar and not an amateur, so I have to qualify with the new professional standards.

I have never even been to Hawaii, even though there’s no passport required and it’s not too far or expensive from San Francisco (compared to all these other places I’ve been to in the world). I’ve always said that I will only go once I qualify for Kona.

I know I have a lot of work to do but I am super fired up now…to swim faster! Because that will be my ticket to Kona. :)

Congratulations to Xena and all the Kona finishers!!! I am so proud! :D