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How to be a Gun Biker in 5 Easy Steps « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


How to be a Gun Biker in 5 Easy Steps

It’s true, I fell off the daily blogging bandwagon around Halloween. Not due to the lack of excitement in my superstar life, more an overabundance of it. :) It is definitely a balancing act between being the resident celebrity pro triathlete, brainstorming fun events for the TBB store, chasing true love, making rent via alternative means, and then of course training my body to exhaustion every day.

So with less than 2 weeks to the season finale in Arizona, here is…*gasp* a blog that is actually about training.

How to be a Gun Biker in 5 Easy Steps!

Powering the "Pumpkin Trap" with bike monster legs

  1. Eat more protein. If you want to grow monster biking muscles, ya gotta eat more protein. The Wongstar recommends real meat, but hey, do what you want. Everyone’s got an opinion about nutrition, just like religion and politics. The Wongstar’s cycling teammates in college and grad school called her “Quadzilla” because she had bigger bike muscles than the scrawny cycling boys.
  2. If you don’t feel like you are about to vomit or cry while biking, then you aren’t going hard enough. Since I am swimming more than I am biking or running these days, every bike ride counts. So I just go as hard as I can every time I’m on the bike. My internal powermeter tells me I’m going the right intensity if I feel like I want to both vomit AND cry.
  3. If you go so hard you vomit, you went TOO hard. Yes, there is a fine line. Ironman is about taking in nutrition and keeping it down. If you experience a “reversal of fortune” as they say in competitive eating, you are totally screwed. The Wongstar does not endorse vomiting, bulimia, or other eating disorders.
  4. Also, your legs should be screaming. If you can’t hear them, you aren’t going hard enough. If they are already screaming, you can always make them scream louder. I like to play the game where I yell at my legs, “I can’t hear you!”
  5. If you finish your ride and your legs are shaking so hard you almost fall over getting off the bike, you are on your way to becoming a gun biker.

Extra credit! Bonus points if your legs feel so smashed from your bike sessions that you still feel them screaming and crying during your next few training runs. What, did you think you would get to run the Ironman marathon on fresh legs or something?

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