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the first haircut in 20 months. in the first state too. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


the first haircut in 20 months. in the first state too.

It’s Movember and I can’t grow a mustache no matter how hard I try, so instead I will post egomaniac pictures of my new haircut.

White Tiger approves of this haircut.

It was a monumental occasion today as I haven’t had a haircut in over a year and a half…probably 20 months actually. If you recall, back in January of 2009 I cut all my hair off in a very Mulan-esque warrior girl gesture. Well, no, it was in support of my cousin who was going through chemo and had to shave her head. I said I’d keep cutting my hair until hers grew back longer than mine. And so it did.

the old 'do circa March 2009 @ Singapore 70.3

I loved having short hair. I kinda miss it!

Then I was no longer in the Philippines for training camp, where haircuts are $5 or less. (Or like $1 for the dudes.) Being back in the States, I got cheap and wasn’t about to allocate grocery or travel funds for a haircut. I was so used to having supershort hair and not having to actually comb or brush it that it started to get kind of gnarly after swimming, super tangly, like a Hair Battle Spectacular. So then I had to go invest in some extra combs at the dollar store.

I know. I’m so gross. And cheap. :)

So that was when I figured it was time for a haircut. I polled all my new gal pals here in Wilmington on where they go for haircuts and how much they pay. One of them said “I went home to Singapore and paid $5-$10″–yeah, not helpful, Caroline!! Two actually went to Supercuts for $15, there was a $32 option, and then jackpot! Anna K, Filipina wife of local superstar triathlete Jeff K, sent me to her “Mexican lady,” who is supposedly very awesome with Asian hair. The Asian connection is key!

Off I went to Gisele at “Salon de Belleza Cynthia’s” in Claymont. $15 for “Damas” (that’s “ladies” in Español, amigos) unless it’s Wednesday when there’s the $10 special. All the signs were in Spanish, as was the TV station blaring in the background. And oh gosh, when the scissors started snipping, I remembered how enjoyable it is to get a haircut.

yes...my phone is bedazzled with "LOVE" :D

I came out losing 2 pounds of hair (aha! that’s how to get to race weight!), smelling really nice, and with a new super soft feathery layered coiff. Slightly Farrah Fawcett-like, but I doubt I’ll have time to style it with the blow dryer like Gisele did. I’m SUCH a low maintenance kinda girl. Figured I had to snap some self-portraits to admire it before I end up just tossing it in a ponytail and having the chlorine start beating the crap out of it every day again.

and this is the first and last time you'll ever see it styled.

Some have asked if I’ll bring the red or hot pink streak back and while I never say never, suffice it to say that it’s retired for the time being. Having fun colors put into black hair requires an insane and unhealthy amount of bleach, and swimming so much means the color only lasts a week or two before you have to reapply. Like I said, I’m a low maintenance kinda superstar.

Yep…not as exciting as growing a mustache, but what’s a girl to do?

Speaking of mustaches, here is a gallery of “TV’s Top Mustachioed Men” if you boys need some more inspiration…

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