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bad dates and awesome dates. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


bad dates and awesome dates.

So there have been the bad dates.

You know…

  • the bad kisser
  • the prude (apologizes when your hands just brush…on the 2nd date)
  • the one who doesn’t stop talking about his ex-girlfriend…by the 4th date
  • the ones (yes, happened more than once) with clean-shaven profile pics who show up with beards
  • the one who says “I’ll call you!” and doesn’t
  • the one who you’re so not into who keeps on calling
  • the one who Googles you on his iphone during the date
  • the one who is almost kind of perfect but kind of has bad breath
  • the one who calls you the wrong name on the first date!!

Then there have been the awesome dates.

…I reserve the right to keep the warm & fuzzy details to myself. ;)

Suffice it to say that when dating a triathlon superstar chick, there are many ways to score bonus points:

  1. tell her how hot she is on a regular basis
  2. never interfere with her training and racing schedule
  3. be understanding of any strange/neurotic eating behaviors
  4. don’t ever make her choose between you and triathlon. that’s called “relationship suicide.”

And scoring bonus points always leads to scoring. Aw yeah!

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