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IM Cactus pre-race blog

The blog’s gone quiet as I’ve been gearing up for a spectacular season finale here at Ironman Arizona. Hard to believe that it’s already here…I’m already here…and the race is tomorrow. I’m feeling fit and strong. There’s a huge pro field here, probably the biggest I’ve been in. Ironman.com actually referred to it as a “superstar professional field.” Obviously because I’m on the start list. The Wongstar is not too concerned though. I don’t even know who most of them are. None of their names popped up when I googled “triathlon superstar” so what’s there to be worried about? ;)

Serena and White Tiger

I am staying with my high school assistant track coach and his family in Phoenix. “Mr. R” knew me when I was a prepubescent 13-year-old super scrawny runner and he was actually younger than I am now when I was in his U.S. History class my sophomore year. Serena is their bubbly 5-year-old and super excited about everything like I am. :)

Momma Wongstar gets interviewed

Also making her first appearance at one of my pro races is none other than Momma Wongstar herself. She hasn’t seen me race since I did an almost-14-hour day at Ironman Florida…7 years ago. The superstar family has been followed by a camera crew filming “Wongstar: the Documentary” and we did some training footage and interviews today.

girls in pink

I got to catch up with my big sisters Donna and Coco who I hadn’t seen since Thailand in April (Donna) and Korea over a year ago (Coco). Also excited that my little triathlon sister, Amy, also flew in as support crew!

Track me tomorrow on Ironman.com, #73 (see–big field, my biggest bib # this year!). Race begins at 6:50am Arizona time, which is 5:50am in California and 8:50am in Delaware. They don’t do daylight savings here, not sure why, something about all the cactus (cacti?) getting confused.

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