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a very Wongstar Christmas

Friday, December 31st, 2010

It was just like A Charlie Brown Christmas. There was a dog:

Snoopy, played by Guinness, supervises the home cooking

There was a Christmas tree:

this tree has an Asian angel on top

There was even some advice, with me as Lucy in the psychiatrist booth.

Only it wasn’t. There was a lot more food and dessert, a Nerf war, and some adult beverages…and my advice was very questionable.

Haamonii lemon + champagne + lychees + frozen berries = mmmm!

But then again, Lucy’s advice has always been questionable. ;)

Anyway…this is how my original blog began:

The end is near! The end of 2010 anyway. And the end of a decade. Has it really been over a decade since I was in high school? So over Christmas, at one of the many family feasts, my older cousin invited her co-worker and his family, which included twin teenage daughters that were high school sophomores.

My cousin proceeded to brag about me: what I do for a living (triathlon) and also what I went to grad school for (prosthetics). I then found myself giving sage advice to the high school girls on how to get into every college you apply to and, of course, dating advice. By then this was the third Christmas feast and I may or may not have been tipsy. Sober or not, I found it equal parts miraculous and hilarious that I had somehow turned 29 years old within the last month and was in the position to give advice to 15-year-olds. Holy crap I just did the math on that; they were like half my age. (!!!) Ok, maybe they were 16. Still.

Well, whether I was qualified to dispense advice or not, here’s what I said…

How to get into every college you apply to:
1. Get really good grades.
2. Study like hell for the SAT’s, and retake them a few times.
3. Kiss up to your teachers so you can get great reference letters.
4. Participate in extracurriculars.

They asked about the “personal statement” and I wasn’t very helpful; I just said that I had always enjoyed writing and was always pretty good at it. I also didn’t elaborate on the above four points and tell them about my 4.0 GPA and valedictorian ranking, or the 1510 SAT score, or that I was captain and MVP of the cross country team, rifle captain of the color guard, played the flute in the symphonic band, and was some type of board member for various clubs (the Chinese Club, the science club, the Spanish club, the Block W letterman club). Ah, minor details. But that’s how I got into every college I applied to. (Yes I just tooted my own horn but keep reading.)

My dating advice was along the lines of “Go to prom but don’t take high school boys very seriously.” Their dad wanted them to wait until college to date and I remarked that he was being pretty generous as Momma Wongstar didn’t want us to date until we graduated college. (HAHAHAHAHA.) They wanted to know who I went to prom with, and I said “some idiot who now works at the Costco gas station. That is why you should date college boys, because high school boys are dumb.”

Of course, being high school sophomores, this whole thing could totally backfire and they might hook up with college boys while they are still underage. Oops.

I also told them that in high school, it was important to learn not to be so awkward around boys. Maybe I was really just talking to my 15-year-old self. I was way more dorky and awkward than these super cute twin girls, who aren’t really awkward at all, and who probably get asked out by ALL the high school boys ALL the time. You know, my own nerdy high school self probably would’ve hated them. Yeah, the high school Wongstar had to ask three boys before scoring the prom date who now pumps gas. But she got into all her colleges and turned out all right despite being such a late bloomer. Wait, how did this turn out to be a rant about me during those awful high school years… :(

Anyway, here are a gazillion Christmas photos from the multiple feasts where, if you remember my Thanksgiving blog, we slaughter the entire friggin’ animal kingdom. Every meal includes at least 5 types of meat and 5 types of dessert. Hey, we Wongstars don’t do anything half-assed. There was a Chinese/American feast, a Burmese feast, and a Chinese/Filipino feast…

The edible animal kingdom:

honey-baked ham. almost like bacon

Mom with the prime rib

crab, cow, pig, salmon

Now there are two things you can add to any dish that make everything taste better: garlic and REAL BACON.

fends off the vampires. Team Jacob, hey!

my sister didn't come home so we didn't have to have that turkey bacon crap.

They went into the mashed tators and my new holiday favorite as inspired by white people: green bean casserole!

we put garlic AND garlic salt in the mashed tators. 100x the goodness!

when in doubt, spell out things with bacon.

Speaking of high school days, the holiday soundtrack included Hanson (my collection), the Carpenters (Mom’s collection), and the very awesome Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

yes, the Mmmbop guys! who looked like girls!

While the girls did the cooking, the boys (my bro and my dog) had a little Nerf war:

terrorizing the dog. go Giants!

Guinness takes cover!

The first bottle of Haamonii was popped open before 3pm on Christmas Eve, and let me tell you…holidays with the family have never been so tolerable! I mean, enjoyable! I mean…!

Right, moving on, dessert:

we adopted Amy again and put her in charge of the dessert

she made two gluten-free pumpkin pies, not that it mattered with all the other gluten-filled gluttony. see what I did there? ;)

dessert from a Filipino bakery (Goldilock's) and a Chinese bakery (Sheng Kee)

more pie and more Christmas logs

Apparently white people do fruitcake and Asian people do Christmas logs:

another Christmas log. the prettiest!

fried bananas with ice cream

And it wasn’t Christmas without a screening of Elf!

one of my fave Xmas movies :D

It was also the first Christmas for the newest generation of our family, baby Ethan:

baby Ethan with his Uncle Kenny re-enacting a scene from "The Hangover"

Seriously. And so you see why one of my winter goals is always “Don’t get fat over Christmas.” I managed to escape any further fattening and made my way back to The First State without getting stranded in any more airports. I will miss the dog and everyone else but it’s back to work. You don’t become a triathlon superstar by getting fat over Christmas.

hope everyone had a great pig-out over Christmas like we did!!! :D

what to do (eat?) when stranded overnight at an airport

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

When booking a flight home for Christmas from the east coast to the west coast, do not fly through Chicago. You will end up getting stranded there. Then you get a chance to write up something like “The Top 10 Things to Do When Stranded in Chicago Midway Airport.”

There was a bit of a snowstorm. Not as crazy as in Europe, but enough (3 inches of snow) that the second leg of my flight home got cancelled. They don’t pay for your hotel because it’s not their fault, it’s the weather. My 2-hour layover became a 16-hour layover and I got to practice the all-nighter skills I learned back in college.

So other than blowing up everyone’s Twitter page with mindless tweets to pass the time, I decided to add another rule to Xena’s blog on counting calories during Christmas: when stranded in an airport, calories consumed to combat anger, stress, and despair do not count.

You can say I made the most of my visit. While many would become unbearable grouchy in such a situation, I thought of it as another fantastic travel adventure. Positive outcomes only! So if you ever get stranded in Chicago Midway airport for 16 hours, here is what you should do:

1. Sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. Yup there was a Santa in the terminal.

he kept me on his lap for over 10 minutes.

2. Eat an ice cream sundae at McDonald’s.

3. Finish writing your Christmas cards.

coffee to stay awake and a croissant in the brown bag

4. Eat a chocolate croissant.

last time I had one was at Swiss camp 1.5yrs ago.

5. Write a whole week’s worth of blogs.

6. Eat a Chicago-style hot dog.

when in Chicago, eat a hot dog like Chicago-ans do.

7. Watch a few episodes of West Wing on your laptop.

I like hot guys named Rob.

8. Eat an apple turnover.

9. Catch up on your emails.

10. BAZINGA! You thought #10 was going to be about eating something else, didn’t you? No, it’s: catch up with all the important men in your life on the phone, like your travel sponsor and your Chicago friends Ben (my Lake Placid roommie) and Mark from Runners’ High N Tri (aka “bobsled sponsor”). Who would’ve bailed me out if there wasn’t a snowstorm outside and it didn’t take 3 hours to drive to Midway and rescue me. It’s the thought that counts though!

Oh, but dawn arrived and so it was breakfast time. One last bonus meal at the frozen yogurt place that opened at 5:30am “Red Mango.” (Like “Pinkberry” and reminded me of how Sarah from Chuck worked at “Orange Orange.”) Now, I’ve had yogurt parfaits and frozen yogurt before… but never a FROZEN YOGURT PARFAIT!

Extra credit #11. Eat a pomegranate frozen yogurt parfait!

with fresh blueberries & strawberries, granola, and sliced almonds. MMM MMM MMM

Then I was lucky enough to start boarding an airplane and barely ate anything for the next 9 hours. Instead, I hibernated on the next two flights to finally get home. The first thing I wanted to do after 32 hours in airports and airplanes was…no, not eat…take a shower!


the 1st Annual Kona Viewing Party @TBB!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

I guess if we’re calling it the first annual, that means we’re obligated to have one next year too, aren’t we? :)

Things have been buzzing at The Bike Boutique in downtown Wilmington and we’re getting ready to kick off the Kona Viewing Party coming up on Saturday. Mac ordered some hot pink and black bean bags and they are SUPER comfy for watching TV on. Of course I tried them myself. Only the best for our customers!

Wongstar-tested and enthusiastically approved!

The hot pink Christmas tree went up weeks ago. We don’t mess around here.

all I want for Christmas is a new Cervelo, baby!

There’s going to be a ginormously awesome mega sale going on Saturday too. It’s ridiculous! I still can’t believe there’s no sales tax in the first state. Just another of many, many reasons to come shopping here! The details on the big one-day promos are in this sweet poster I designed:

It’s gonna be great! Scottie is coming into town too. I can’t wait!

on failure, the universe, and running in the cold.

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Scottie keeps laughing at me because I am so proud of myself for running in sub-freezing temperatures. He keeps saying “it’s not even that cold yet!” Well, stop trying to burst my bubble. To a California girl, training outside when it is less than 45*F is pretty frigid. Now a 45*F day here would be warm and I’d be ecstatic. So when the windchill factor drops it down to ridiculously small numbers like 12*F, running outside for 2 to 3 hours is pretty epic for me.

I finally conceded and turned the heat on in my little studio today too. The utilities bill has been only $30-$35/month as I’ve been a cheapo Asian and just put more clothes on. :) On that note, I’m pretty pumped that hot water is included with rent because hot showers are THE BEST after running outside! This ain’t Thailand heat camp.

Anyway, you muse over all kinds of things when running outside to distract yourself from thinking “Grilled Cheesus, it’s effing cold out here!” I got into some rambling conversations with myself on topics such as: failure versus success, finding happiness and following your dreams, hating yourself versus becoming the person you want to become.

I guess the end of the year is approaching, always a good time for self-reflection on how the year’s gone, where you were a year ago, 3 years ago, 5 years ago, etc. I’m sure I’ll write up a blog when I’ve got some airplane time over the holidays and go into more detail on my musings, but in the end I did come up with this epiphany:

There are no failures, it’s just the universe’s way of saying you weren’t ready yet.

Oh yeah, I came up with that all by myself. Now for those of you who subscribe to a certain religion, feel free to substitute “the universe” with your favorite deity: Zeus, God, Grilled Cheesus, Buddha, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.

Keep fighting the good fight and stay warm, kids!

IMAZ photo race report.

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

It’s been over 3 weeks since my last race at Ironman Arizona. As Coach would say “that was an entire career ago.” I’ve been super busy ever since with other work obligations and getting back into full off-season training (not an oxymoron) in the McFlurry-esque Delaware winter, so I’ve also been tired and uninspired.

So I began writing a simple photo version with some captions since I have soooo many racing pictures from IMAZ. Then it got longer and I found some writing inspiration again. So here is the “short” photo version. Of course I realize a “short” version for me is probably still longer than most other people’s. ;) And there’s always the video mini race report recap that Felix shot…

morning swim start by the bridge

So I swam really hard. I was very excited to stay with a small pack and pretended I was chasing my swim buddy, Zeke, just like in training. He wears a hot pink swim cap every now and then. I just kept saying “stay with Zeke, stay with Zeke!” When the sun came up a little more, I realized it was my friend Miranda. In the beginning of the year I was able to swim with her at IM Malaysia and IM China, but only for maybe 75% of the way before I dropped off. So I was super stoked to get out with her and of course 10mins faster than what I’ve been averaging all year!

These photos are from my old Harvey Mudd College classmate Tom, who lives in Phoenix now and signed up for next year’s race. You can tell how happy I am about my swim, can’t you? ;)

chasing down Miranda who bolted through transition

At this point, I didn’t even realize I had come out of the water in front of 5 other pro women and 2 pro men. I was just really happy I went 1:06!

those guys are totally checking me out

Apparently I was giving the thumbs up to the official photographer:

superstars always smile for the camera :D

Then I got on the bike, and even though it got to be pretty rainy and super windy with a little bit of hail, I am a gun biker and can stay in the aero position through all of nature’s elements. Here is photographic proof…

Leaving T1. Aero position assumed!

still in aero...still leaving T1...

There were cacti. Which is plural for cactus.

flying by cacti while showing them the aero position.

Ok, I admit, I got slightly out of aero position only when reaching for more Hello Panda cookies in my back pocket.

more Pandas, please.

I felt strong, and magical, and high on caffeine.

3rd lap got a little congested passing age groupers.

I think I passed like 5 or 6 pro women on the bike? I felt pretty darn good even though the bike training has been thrown on the back burner to make room for swimming. 5:16 is my fastest bike split this year!

finishing up the bike, now allowed to get out of aero position.

Then I got to start running. I was feeling good and very happy. Are you ready for a montage of happy running pictures? Here you go…most of them courtesy of the Ritenours, one from “Burrito Fanatic” on Twitter:

gosh I am sure feeling good!

I was telling myself "relax and stay focused."

Ironman is fun and easy!

it is a common misconception that Ironman is a miserable experience.

maybe I'm not going hard enough?

Ok, enough. but I had to put this one because my legs actually look sort of skinny and not like big tree trunks.

I was super extra pumped because I had my very own cheer squad that included my MOM…who hadn’t ever seen me race in the pro division…and the Ritenours, who hadn’t seen me compete since I was a scrawny prepubescent high school runner.

Mr. R, Mom and little Serena on the lookout

Mom and Serena

Mom takes the best photos!

These don’t even include all the photos that my personal camera crew Felix was taking…I’m sure you’ll get a load of those soon too! Here’s a cool shot of me from overhead:

powered by Camelbak. maybe they will sponsor me next year.

Around mile 5, a guy on a bike passed me.

I didn't see the sign on the front of his bike.

Then if you thought I was looking good and smiley, I heard a voice with a British accent say “good job Jocelyn…we haven’t actually met yet…” and a flash of red went by:

the triple Ironman world champion laps the Wongstar.

I was so surprised that all I said was “oh!” and then as an afterthought “good job, Chrissie!”

Let it be known that no other women lapped me. ;)

And I was still feeling good on the second lap (there were three laps):

lots of people yelling "Go Wongstar!" and "Go Jocelyn!" I'm famous!

the fans love me.

demonstrating a proper heelstrike for Coach.

Then I hit a rough spot that third lap and wasn’t so smiley any more.

not so smiley Wongstar.

At which point I focused on digging in, breathing properly and channeling my inner Chinese warrior. I had just watched the movie “Hero” with Jet Li during my last week of training going into the race, so I thought of myself as “Flying Snow.” (My Chinese name means “snow.”) Here is the awesome fight scene between the two women warriors, Flying Snow and Moon. I even found the version with the English dubbing:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s kind of bizarre the things you think about when you are hurting in the middle of an Ironman, and what gets you to the finish line. Some say this is when you find out what you are really made of. So what got me through? I kept repeating “Chinese warriors never give up. They fight to the death.” And that lit something inside of me, and motivated me to keep fighting. Who would’ve thought? BTW, Flying Snow is the one who wins the fight. Though if you notice, Moon doesn’t give up even when stabbed with a ginormous sword through her chest. Epic!

I took off my mostly full second Camelbak during the third and final lap because I was sick of drinking Frappuccinos at that point and it was cold anyway, so hydration wasn’t exactly an issue. There was a bit of grunting and some “on your left!” since the course was getting a bit busier by then. I was pretty happy to hit the finish chute and the smile came out again:


And then I got to be done! I was so happy!

finishing an Ironman = the best feeling in the world!

My 3:34 marathon wasn’t my best, and I missed breaking 10 hours by 5 minutes, but it was my fastest race all year and I am still very happy with it. Like the bike training, the run training’s also been on the back burner and I had told Coach in September that if I had a great swim but a crappy bike and run in Arizona, I would still be over the moon. I didn’t realize until later that there were at least 6 Ironman champions that beat me, world champions and all that, so 12th pro in this field I am quite happy with too. And finally, no age groupers beat me. So there!

I ended the 2010 season feeling somewhat more justified racing in the pro ranks. ;)

I’ll do a season recap in the next few weeks; in the meantime, big ginormous thanks to all my supporters and sponsors!

Happy Delaware Day!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Yesterday, December 7th was Delaware Day. All Delawareans know this because December 7, 1787 (it’s printed on the state flag) is the day we became the first state to sign the Constitution.

First State pride!!!

Well, I guess I can’t say “we” just yet. I had this great blog planned about getting sworn in as a Delaware resident but I went to the DMV yesterday with proof of my new residence but not proof of birth. No, I didn’t fail my driving test, I swear. I’ll return tomorrow!

our answer to them cocky Texans ;)

Instead I leave you with a Delaware Christmas song:

YouTube Preview Image

By our very own Todd Chappelle. Not to be confused with Dave Chappelle. And yes, I have done lots of tax-free shopping, eaten the “Bobbie” sandwich at Cappriotti’s, and gone to a Blue Rocks game…though as you recall I didn’t get to see Mr. Celery. :( ah well. There will be many more first adventures in the first state!

sunnier times in AZ

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Another brisk day with more McFlurries to come tomorrow! This is what the forecast was when I returned home from my 2.5-hour run outside today. My fingers managed to not break off, which was miraculous. I don’t mind biking indoors whilst catching up to all my favorite TV shows for hours on end, but I’m going to resist hitting the treadie for long run sessions as long as I can!

the irony hasn't escaped me that it's frickin freezin and I still want ice cream.

In the meantime, here are some non-racing pics from Arizona to enjoy while I keep procrastinating on the race report. I’ll try to finish it while I’m (in line, no doubt) at the DMV tomorrow applying for Delaware citizenship.

with Amit from Austin, a longtime fan. we are doing the "WongSTAR" sign.

hanging out with Felix, my personal camera crew :)

the top 8 pro women. I was 8th in Wisconsin but I don't remember being called up. Then again I don't quite remember if I went to awards.

the champs as they play "We Are the Champions"

Me and Mom met Chrissie officially for the first time at awards. Since Momma Wongstar has read every single word ever published on the teamTBB website for the last 3 years, she knew all about Miss Triple World Champion Chrissie. Even though we were on the team at the same time, I never did a training camp with her (my first one was right after she won Kona for the second time and then left the team, so we never had an overlapping training camp).

me and my mumsy

Actually, I guess I unofficially met Chrissie when she passed me 5 miles into the run (she was um, 13 miles into the run) and gave me some words of encouragement along with “we haven’t actually met yet.” But you’ll get that in the race report.

with the world famous Coco

And here I am with Mr. R & the family…yep, he still looks the same as when he was my high school World History teacher, and apparently my mother and I are the only ones who still call him “Mr. R.”

with my host family, the Ritenours

What I like best about this picture is that this is exactly how my mom took it. She isn’t exactly the best photographer, but we all love her anyway. Here is the littlest Ritenour, Serena, who insisted on putting on my finisher’s gear:

future Ironman Arizona finisher!! she's got 12 years til she's old enough.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. R and the Ritenours for hosting us in Phoenix. One thing I have loved about “going pro” is that with all the traveling everywhere, I’ve reconnected with awesome friends and mentors from the past. Never thought that I’d get to hang out with my former high school coach/history teacher 14 years down the road!!! We had a great time in Arizona and ahem…maybe I should go do a winter training camp there. ;)

first winter in the first state

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Winter has more or less hit the first state and this California-born-and-bred triathlon superstar is trying not to cry and complain too much about her first winter on the East Coast. Yes, now I know why everyone back home laughed at me when I told them I was leaving California for Delaware. Now I also know why everyone in Delaware laughed at me when I told them I left California to move here. Coach would call this “building character.” I try to keep the whining minimal and am looking forward to building my first snowman complete with a carrot nose.

Check out tomorrow morning’s forecast…scattered flurries!

mmmmm McFlurries....

Makes me think of McDonald’s McFlurries, which makes me think of my favorite Australian teammate who shall remain nameless. ;)

The official IMAZ race report is in draft form at the moment as I have more pressing issues at hand, like organizing The Bike Boutique USA’s very first Kona Viewing Party (Facebook invite is here). I’ve also been working hard on the first edition of the official Bike Boutique USA newsletter, with all kinds of fun stuff including the official party announcement. Here’s a preview, click on it to see the full thing. Pretty snazzy if I shall say so myself!

The NBC broadcast is on December 18th and it’s going to be AWESOME!! Door prizes, raffle drawings during commercials, a super duper ridiculous one-day sale… I also foresee bottles of Haamonii Smooth Shochu being shared, and special drinking games like “take a shot whenever you see a TBB race kit!” :D

the choice of triathlon superstars!

Stay warm kids. Or stay indoors and watch 8 episodes of the West Wing, like I did today. :)

A Superstar Thanksgiving Birthday

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

playing Iron Chef

I was born on a Wednesday. This is easy for me to remember because I was born on Thanksgiving Eve, you know, the day before America’s unofficial National Eating Day. Thanksgiving always falls on the last Thursday of November so every now and then, like this year, my birthday is actually on Thanksgiving. So I’ve also associated my birthday with a big holiday where you eat with family to the point where you are overstuffed. This probably explains why I am so enamored with food.

the Thanksgiving spread

When you grow up as the first generation of USA-born Chinese-Americans (they call us “ABC’s”)with parents that immigrated to the USA as teenagers, family holidays are an awesome blend of the various cultures. Of course you then think that your version of Thanksgiving is pretty normal but the more I grill my non-Asian friends and watch some standard TV commercials for Thanksgiving, the more I realize that everybody’s got a different version of what they eat for Thanksgiving. So I figured I would share with you what the Wongstar family version is like…

Deep-fried turkey! Animal #1

Everyone knows there is the turkey. Now the white people* version of Thanksgiving turkey is baked in the oven with stuffing, which is like soggy squishy bread crumbs, and eaten with cranberry sauce. I don’t think I ever even had stuffing and cranberry sauce until I went off to college and the dining hall had a Thanksgiving meal for us. We used to bake the turkey too, until we started deep-frying it years ago, and now we usually have deep-fried turkey. Asian people like deep frying birds.

Prime rib! Animal #2

I was discussing with my friend Natalie, who is half Korean and half white, about what a Wongstar Thanksgiving is like, and her conclusion is that my family single-handedly slaughters the entire animal kingdom. See, we don’t just have turkey. Sometimes we have 5 different kinds of animal. Turkey, pig (honey-baked ham), cow (prime rib), fish (salmon), and sometimes chicken and even other sea creatures like crab. What, you mean you don’t have a billion different kinds of meat at your Thanksgiving? Maybe it’s a Chinese thing, like how if you’ve ever been to a Chinese wedding it’s a 15-course meal with every animal and sea creature imaginable.

Salmon! Animal #3

I’ve been watching TV more these days with my other job as a MSN TV freelance writer, so I started paying more attention to the holiday commercials. Something called “green bean casserole” kept coming up for Thanksgiving ads and then I started hearing about it on the radio and seeing it when local restaurants were advertising Thanksgiving catering options. A quick Facebook and Twitter query to my friends and fans (“What is this green bean casserole? Is this a white people thing?”) drew so many responses that I had to investigate. Here’s the official Campbell’s Christmas commercial. Apparently it’s not just a Thanksgiving thing but a Christmas thing. Who knew!

YouTube Preview Image

We have never had green bean casserole for Thanksgiving, but apparently it’s a Thanksgiving staple, and TOTALLY a white people thing. Momma Wongstar actually knew what I was talking about…because she too had seen the commercials. Well I like green beans, adore onion rings, and loooooove bacon (!!!). Cream of mushroom soup is pretty good too, and now that my curiosity was stoked, I decided I would make it for our own Thanksgiving. Well, white people like to make it with canned green beans, which is unacceptable for Asians. So I made it using fresh green beans and instead of using canned French-fried onion rings, I got real onion rings from the place that has the best onion rings…Johnny Rockets!

the Asian Superstar version of green bean casserole

I’ll have to post the recipe up later, but it was a smash hit! Ok, I’ll admit that it ended up being a bit light on the green beans and heavy on the onion rings…heck, it was more of an onion ring casserole than a green bean casserole. But we demolished it!

then my brother came home and finished the rest.

In addition to the entire animal kingdom and onion ring casserole, there was also our other standard Thanksgiving fare like my sister’s garlic mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, and Chinese stir-fry veggies and some sort of Chinese soup.

mashed tators!

Then there was dessert. Variety is the spice of life and a Thanksgiving birthday feast is not complete with a ginormous selection of dessert. We had 5 different types of cheesecake, chocolate cake, pumpkin cupcakes and 4 types of mini shot glass desserts (chocolate mousse, tiramisu, lemon meringue, and something raspberry).

birthday dessert!

SOOOO awesome. Best Thanksgiving birthday ever! I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving too!

we adopted Amy for the holiday. notice the mix of Chinese and Catholic relics in the kitchen.

*on the use of the term “white people”: hey, the Wongstar never claimed to be politically correct. Would you really prefer if I said “Caucasian”? Really? It’s such a funny word. It’s like “Cock + Asian”. If you are offended, don’t read my blog. The Wongstar doesn’t apologize for the truth.