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sunnier times in AZ « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


sunnier times in AZ

Another brisk day with more McFlurries to come tomorrow! This is what the forecast was when I returned home from my 2.5-hour run outside today. My fingers managed to not break off, which was miraculous. I don’t mind biking indoors whilst catching up to all my favorite TV shows for hours on end, but I’m going to resist hitting the treadie for long run sessions as long as I can!

the irony hasn't escaped me that it's frickin freezin and I still want ice cream.

In the meantime, here are some non-racing pics from Arizona to enjoy while I keep procrastinating on the race report. I’ll try to finish it while I’m (in line, no doubt) at the DMV tomorrow applying for Delaware citizenship.

with Amit from Austin, a longtime fan. we are doing the "WongSTAR" sign.

hanging out with Felix, my personal camera crew :)

the top 8 pro women. I was 8th in Wisconsin but I don't remember being called up. Then again I don't quite remember if I went to awards.

the champs as they play "We Are the Champions"

Me and Mom met Chrissie officially for the first time at awards. Since Momma Wongstar has read every single word ever published on the teamTBB website for the last 3 years, she knew all about Miss Triple World Champion Chrissie. Even though we were on the team at the same time, I never did a training camp with her (my first one was right after she won Kona for the second time and then left the team, so we never had an overlapping training camp).

me and my mumsy

Actually, I guess I unofficially met Chrissie when she passed me 5 miles into the run (she was um, 13 miles into the run) and gave me some words of encouragement along with “we haven’t actually met yet.” But you’ll get that in the race report.

with the world famous Coco

And here I am with Mr. R & the family…yep, he still looks the same as when he was my high school World History teacher, and apparently my mother and I are the only ones who still call him “Mr. R.”

with my host family, the Ritenours

What I like best about this picture is that this is exactly how my mom took it. She isn’t exactly the best photographer, but we all love her anyway. Here is the littlest Ritenour, Serena, who insisted on putting on my finisher’s gear:

future Ironman Arizona finisher!! she's got 12 years til she's old enough.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. R and the Ritenours for hosting us in Phoenix. One thing I have loved about “going pro” is that with all the traveling everywhere, I’ve reconnected with awesome friends and mentors from the past. Never thought that I’d get to hang out with my former high school coach/history teacher 14 years down the road!!! We had a great time in Arizona and ahem…maybe I should go do a winter training camp there. ;)

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